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#SoSS, Goodbyes and Hellos

#SoSS; Share our Shit Saturday, 30th December 2017

As we say farewell to 2017, it is with reflection that as in all walks of life, bloggers come and go. Sadly, Star from has decided that as of end of March 2018, she will be cancelling her site subscription. Let us bid her a fond farewell, by taking some time to browse her space of the blogosphere for the remaining few months.

In happier news, Sum1Sub has made a welcome return to his site, and has two new reviews for us to indulge ourselves on. If all the turkey and trimmings weren’t enough, feast your eyes (and maybe your other orifices), on his review of the Nikita Glass Dildo. His other review is on a bird-cage esque nipple clamp called the Tit Tower, from MEO.

In terms of what else caught my eye on t’internet, I read a post from Isabelle Lauren about My Little Pony’s Gender Neutral Marketing. This is something that interested me, as I am a mother to a toddler. At her preschool recently, there was a little boy and he was wearing a ‘princess’ dress. I asked him whether he was a prince or a princess, and he proudly stated that he was being a princess. I just thought to myself, ‘good for you buddy!’ I hope he will always feel empowered to partake in gender neutral activities. There is far too much labelling in this world.

Lastly, I’m a bit back to-front at the moment. I call it my brain-fog. But this image of Jadis with her gorgeous derriere on display at left me in awe of her natural beauty. And she is rocking the denim jacket too!

In my usual form, I’ll keep this post short and sweet. And I hope to get 2018 off to an excellent start by continuing to Share our Shit Saturday!

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#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday luvbunnySL82 meme

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  1. Loved your gender neutral marketing piece & agree that the Tits & Tinsel photo is awesome!

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