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#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday; Luv Bunny’s Room 101

Share our Shit Saturday, 18 November 2017

I’ve titled this post my ‘Room 101,’ because a couple of the posts I’m going to talk about in this week’s #SoSS round-up relate to  things I’d happily banish to the BBC comedy show ‘bin.’

Firstly, Seasonal Affective disorder and depression. Miss Jezebella expresses how draining this time of year can be for her personally. I identify with her feelings. A lot of people who read her post will probably also recognise the tell-tale symptoms. I see the apathy she talks about in my colleagues. The yawns from fed up and tired preschool workers. My own trudging about town on errands etc. I’d happily hibernate from now until March. Except I cannot do this. None of us can. So I’m trying to take pleasure in the simplest of things everyday. That’s all any of us can do whilst there is so much bleakness around. I know winter won’t last forever, so I will just sigh and say come March, it will be consigned to Room 101 again!

Secondly, as we approach Christmas, we’ll be writing our Christmas card lists and buying gifts for those we care about and whom return the sentiments. As Candysnatch discusses in her post Detoxing your Friend Circle, I think this time of year actually does us a favour. If we find ourselves questioning ‘should I write a card for this person?’ then perhaps the reason for that is because said friend has become more of a ‘frenemy’ than a true friend.

Bridget Jones referred to some of these people as jellyfishes. They simply cannot seem to deliver a compliment without making some kind of ‘stinging’ remark. As I’ve gone along in my life, I’ve been quite selective with those I befriend. I’d rather have a few good friends, than dozens of acquaintances. I do not sugar-coat stuff. I call people up on their shit. But at least my friends know where they stand with me. So again, if you’re pondering on whether someone is really your friend, think about how they make you feel. If you feel drained after spending time with them, perhaps they aren’t really your friend after all. And you can do yourself the favour of cutting them loose and sending them to Room 101!

The final thing I will send to Room 101 this week is realistic dildos that aren’t actually that realistic. I’d much rather try a dildo that I find different and interesting. One such dildo is a part human/ part robot silicone cyborg cock, complete with a plated and riveted design. The textures look pretty awesome, and it would sure make for some interesting Terminator-esque role play. ‘I’ll be back’ will definitely be a metaphorical catchphrase that springs to mind!


Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to Share Our Shit next Saturday xx



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