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Luv Bunny wearing strappy knickers and grabbing her butt

Groped for Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday Week 417; prompt week – letter G

Who doesn’t like a good grope? I got myself a handful of butt for prompt week 😉

Luv Bunny wearing strappy knickers and grabbing her butt


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Sinful Sunday
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  1. You have a fabulous arse! x

  2. Fabulous use of the prompt letter 🙂

  3. Everyone likes a good grope! Well done

  4. Ooooh clever idea for prompt x

  5. Such a sexy image!

    Rebel xox

  6. Great idea for the prompt, and very well executed.

  7. I LOVE that top picture. your hand, that lingerie, your grip. Super sexy

  8. Damn those knickers are gorgeous


  9. Great grip and I love your underwear!

  10. That’s a firm grip you have there. Beautiful panties too!

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