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Celtic Knot rope bra_close-up

In a Trinity knot rope bra, while kneeling

K, that is the prompt for this week’s #SinfulSunday photo. I put my thinking cap on and remembered I had some rope stashed away. Out came the rope, and I browsed through my Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes guide to rope bondage. I liked the Trinity Knot bra, and so I attempted to follow the instructions for tying the central trinity knot. Except, I think I got the instructions slightly wrong as it looked nothing like the pictures. I then attempted a double coin knot, as this was the next step in forming the rope bra. Once again, my rope rigging skills didn’t really get the result I was looking for…

I decided to pass the rope to Mr Bunny and let him attempt it instead. Big hands definitely help with this rope tying malarkey, and he hands-down wins in the glove size department (mwah-ha-ha-ha). What you see in the main image is his handiwork, and I play his model. I decided to kneel whilst wearing the bra because it is ‘K’ prompt week. So there you have it;

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Sinful Sunday
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  1. What a striking combination.

  2. I am very fond of the trinity knot. Even more so now!

  3. I was surprised there was not more ‘knots’ this week. As someone who loves a bit of rope I am delighted there was at least one!


  4. I do love the knotty boys, they make tying so easy, or at least would if I had more hands! I love your knotty bra, I may need to try this one.

  5. nicely done – beautiful

  6. Very nice write-up. Thanks!

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