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Rope bondage & chain nipple clamps

Knots and links for Sinful Sunday week 380

Rope bondage & chain nipple clamps


I like rope bondage, so I tried this restraint on myself, and combined it with a collar from Lovehoney’s Bondage Boutique range. The collar itself is not visible here, but you can see the nipple clamps on chains that attach via O-rings and carabiner clips on the collar.


The contrasting sensations of knots and clamps were pretty cool. If only I had extra spare time I would do this a whole lot more!

Knots can be strategically placed to create friction in erogenous areas. Clamps for me add another dimension to play. Nipple stimulation acts as a ‘secondary pleasure circuit’ that ‘hot-wires’ to my clitoris. Electric stuff!


My rope is red silk, but I thought, what would it look like in blue filter? Below is a modified version of the image, with a 50% red-to-blue filter to give that visual effect:

Rope bondage & chain nipple clamps


Blue gives more contrast, with the shadows behind me and the red rope against my pale flesh. I would feel a whole lot more sensation from the knot over my clitoris if I were not wearing pants, but I decided I wanted to preserve some modesty 😉


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  1. Collar, clamps and rope…perfect.

    O x

  2. Luv your photo luvbunnny.

  3. I love the edit you used here… Really pretty rope play <3 x

  4. Well done with the self bondage. You did an excellent job and the red rope is very pretty indeed


  5. Those are the nipple clamps I want! Well done in the self bondage, it looks tricky.

  6. My eyes is immediately drawn to your sensuous tummy, just waiting for fingers to trace its soft curves.

  7. I don’t know how I missed this one – it’s an amazing image LB – I love it. I sometimes miss the posts that are published on a Sunday afternoon, maybe that’s why – anyway I am here now. Good job – the ripe looks wonderful x

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