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Sinful Sunday Week 347; Red-dy to Party!

Sunday 3rd December 2017-Prompt Week

I was Mr Bunny’s guest at his work’s Christmas Meal earlier this weekend. My decision of what to wear was based on my favourite lingerie colour scheme. Hence it was a red and black theme, and I incorporated a sexy bodystocking, crotchless knickers and corset into the outfit.

Can I take a selfie?

The next image gives more of a glimpse into the full effect of said ensemble. Perhaps it was more Moulin Rouge than ‘Black Tie’ city hotel dinner and disco, but I got my thrill from wearing what I wanted!

And for good measure, I drank red wine!

Click the lips to see who else has been sinning.

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  1. Your photos – and your outfit, and you! – are really gorgeous. The colours are so bold and striking. x

  2. That is definitely an eye catching outfit


  3. What a lovely outfit. Red and black are so good together xx

  4. Very sexy outfit – it’s awesome when lingerie can be incorporated into day wear clothing 😀

  5. What a stunning outfit.

  6. I’m sure you would have been hit at the dinner! Great outfit and you do look very Moulin Rouge! – love the stockings

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