Sinful Sunday, Week 336

I’m feeling ‘blue’ now the autumn chill is here, and I long for the lightness I feel when I can be free of oppressive rain coats. The butterfly is fleeting but it’s so beautiful. My daughter has loved seeing butterflies this summer. She appreciates its fluttering wings though she’s only young.

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  1. Such a beautiful image. Your breasts look a wonderful spot to alight not just for a butterfly.

  2. Lovely perch for that butterfly.

  3. Oh I am with you on the Autumn thing, I miss the summer so much already


  4. Where I live, it’s so hot all summer that Autumn is a sigh of relief, when the electric bills go down and you can go outside without sweating.

  5. I love this photo . . . very clever and such a beautiful contrast between you and the butterfly!!!
    Xxx – K

  6. I miss Summer – not that we had much of one. I need sun and heat to be happy – so I hear ya x

  7. Beautiful picture and a agree that we should all make the most of a fleeting summer.

  8. Beautiful shot. And yes, I’m missing summer too.

  9. Cute and sexy 🙂

    Rebel xox

  10. Ooo prettiness! I love butterflies! I’m missing the summer so much already too!
    Aurora x

  11. I love the connection between butterflies and sexy photos – we get “butterflies” when we feel nervous or excited and so often sex can be transformative. Pretty picture. ^^

  12. I do love butterflies, they’re so pretty and this one has found a wonderful perch.

  13. Amazing shot. Just an instant of time!

    And such a pretty one, too!

  14. This is so pretty! I love the pop of blue against your skin.

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