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Bunny dressed as Alice in Wonderland, sitting in a wicker chair

Sinful Sunday Week 384: Fantasy is better than reality

For this week’s Sinful Sunday, I am sharing with you images of myself dressed in my Alice In Wonderland costume. It’s about time I had an outfit to go with my blog name, and moreover this cute little dress and stockings has been sat untouched since I ordered it over a month ago. I know, I know…sacrilege!

But the truth behind this photo is that fantasy is sometimes better than the reality. That is a fact of my daily life, which for the most part is routine. Wake up, look after a young child, clean the house, sort out household admin, eat, sleep, repeat. Yada-yada-yada.

This blog is my fantasy land, for the most part. I can fantasise when I play with my review items. I write erotic short stories to escape into a more romantic, passionate life. Lately, this side of my life has taken a back seat to the more pressing matters born from reality. I hope I can return to Wonderland more frequently once term-time resumes.

Bunny dressed as Alice in Wonderland, standing.

The rabbit warren looks like it will be in its current state a bit longer than anticipated due to finding a building contractor, and scheduling in with their availability. That is not such a bad thing. As Doris said, “que cera, cera.”


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Sinful Sunday
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  1. So nice to have you on SS again this is a delightful shot – sexy too 😉 x

  2. Very cute outfit! Love the stockings…

  3. That is a fabulous outfit and I sure hope you get more time to wear it. As for escaping from real life, I totally get that desire and my kids are teens and I still need it


  4. That is such a cute outfit!

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