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Not for couples in my experience…

I have to agree with @RomanticIsa and say that the Satisfyer’s 4 Couples vibrating clitoral suction product does not work for me as Satisfyer intended it to. That’s a pretty bold thing to say in the opening line of a review, I know. It just so happens to be true. I cannot lie and say it is great. Because it does not feel pleasant to use during intercourse. It’s taken a while for me to get around to writing this review, and I apologise to Satisfyer for the delay. We’ve had libido issues for months. When we finally tried the Satisfyer 4 Couples, on a night away recently, I was not happy about the fit of the vibrating arm in my vagina, alongside Mr Bunny’s reasonably-sized penis. My vagina simply did not want the Satisfyer to join the party.

Not only that but when it was inserted, it was impossible to get the angle of the suction part in sufficient proximity to my clitoris to achieve the stimulation I need to remain aroused. There is not enough flexibility in the vibrating arm. I do not find the angling quite right for me. It is not particularly obtrusive in terms of its size, measuring approximately 1 inch wide at the broadest part, and 2½ inches long. We attempted to keep the ‘threesome’ going for several minutes before I got annoyed at the discomfort and grabbed the Satisfyer 4 Couples, tossing it to the end of the bed. Mr Bunny was not fussed, and he was happy enough that I’d banished the ‘intruding third party.’

The suction is fine when the Satisfyer 4 Couples is used as a ‘solo’ toy, but the insertable arm is not comfortable alongside a penis.
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I really did not want to use the Satisfyer 4 Couples again, during penis-in-vagina intercourse. So I haven’t. But in order to be fair to Satisfyer, I have attempted to use it as a solo suction toy/vibrator. When I use it in this way, I can angle the Satisfyer 4 Couples to site the clitoral suction part over my clitoris. Happy days. I enjoy suction from the Satisfyer range of toys, particularly the Pro Plus Vibration and the Pro 2 Next Generation. The vibration of the vibrating arm is ok, but it seems a bit pointless for solo play, as it is not curved to stimulate the internal erogenous zones. Neither is it very filling. You would be better off using the Pro G Spot Rabbit, in these regards.

I’m not really sure I wish to describe all the settings and functions in any detail. To be honest the suction is the Satisfyer ‘standard’ of 11 increasing suction intensities. I’ve talked about that in other Satisfyer reviews. You can read those. As for the vibrations, there are 3 continuous vibration settings and 7 patterns. The continuous vibrations are slightly strange in that they are ordered high-, medium- and low-intensity, rather than the reverse (more commonly found in vibrators). This seems counter-intuitive as most people would rather start with a lower intensity and work their way up.

 I do not like the operating button placement on the handle. It makes for clumsy and awkward play. Not really conducive to feeling sexy. Just frustrating. There are two buttons to operate the two functions; i.e. suction (power button) and vibration (~ button). I like this Satisfyer product the least of all their range. I don’t really rate it, to be honest. Mainly because it doesn’t work for me as it is purported and intentioned for. I cannot use this with my partner, because it isn’t a welcome addition for me.

The buttons are awkwardly placed.
Final thoughts on the Satisfyer 4 Couples

I would say save your money, and buy an alternative ‘couple’s toy’.  As a ‘solo’ toy, there is no point using the Satisfyer 4 Couples as there are so many other better Satisfyer toys out there or other brands.

I received the Satisfyer 4 Couples from Sally at Satisfyer, in exchange for this review. I would like to express my gratitude to Sally, despite not enjoying this toy. What you read here is my honest opinion. I am not linking to the Satisfyer 4 Couples directly, but I have used affiliate links in this post. These help me to earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. In return, you receive the *satisfaction* of knowing you helped keep this site running. Smiles all round xx

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