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Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

This is not a new review, but an update of a previous one to the new block editor format of WordPress. I’ve previously purchased and reviewed the original Satisfyer Pro 2, my first ever clitoral suction toy. Satisfyer offered me the opportunity to try a couple of their newer Next Generation range. For comparison purposes, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation was one of these tester toys. I will begin by pointing out a few differences between the original Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Next Generation model. The main ones are the noise levels and the removal of the LED light on the rear of the handle. Moreover, the intensity button now has ‘+’ and ‘-‘ functions. Much better than a ‘scrolling through each setting laboriously, then going back to the start’ mode of action.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation switches close-up

Another difference I noticed, is that the aperture of the Next Generation Pro 2 is wider than the original model. On the Next Generation it measures 18mm in diameter without the silicone head. The diameter is 14mm when the silicone head is fitted. The image shows the difference in diameter, and it means that if you’re hoping to use heads from the original Satisfyer Pro 2 on the Next Generation version, this won’t be possible. So you’ll be putting your hand in your pocket to get out your wallet to purchase replacement heads for the Next Generation model.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation
Original Satisfyer Pro 2 on the left has a smaller suction aperture than the Next Generation model (right)

Before use, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation requires a charge courtesy of its magnetic USB cable. This is essentially the same as the predecessor. Charging takes roughly 2 hours. During charging, the power button (sited on the back of the handle) flashes, with a white back-light. Once fully charged, the button will remain illuminated. This makes it less bright than the previous Pro 2, and the light has a somewhat softer luminosity.

Lower noise levels, but still with the same intensity.

As stated, when the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is switched on, it is noticeably quieter than it’s older counterpart. The ‘chug’ (which I likened to an inflatable mattress pump) is practically gone. Not completely, but if you’re brand new to the Satisfyer range, you may not be able to discern that ‘chug.’ The larger oval button sited above the power button has ‘+’ and ‘- ends to make dialling through the levels easier if you wish to prolong a play session and indulge in some edging. Moreover, the intensity levels do not necessarily increase in a step-wise manner. Meaning you may go from one intensity that is slightly too weak, to one that is a bit ‘too much.’

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation
The original Satisfyer Pro 2 (left) had the bright LED light and no ability to go up and down through the intensity levels.

Adding water-based lubricant around the silicone suction cup helps create a good seal around my clitoris. The sensation and intensity of the pressure waves pretty much feel the same as the original Satisfyer Pro 2. I still like the intensity at about 7-8 out of the 11 settings, as my clitoris is no delicate dainty bud. The sucking sensation is pleasant; not too weak to be irritating, but not too strong so as to feel like a heavy-duty vacuum on your clitoris.

I do sometimes find it difficult to orgasm from the pressure waves alone. I find massaging over my pubic bone really helps. By doing this, I can orgasm in about 5-10 minutes. Again, these climaxes are less intense than the ones I would get from a dual action vibrator. They are more ‘superficial’ but that doesn’t make them inferior, it just makes them shorter-lived. Having said that, when I used the Pro 2 Next generation in the shower, I did have a pretty intense orgasm that saw me curling over like Gollum protecting ‘his precious!’

Do you get more bang for your buck?

If you’re new to the concept of clitoral suction toys, then the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a good option. Purely because it is much cheaper than a Womanizer. I have only tried the Womanizer 2GO, so I do not have experience with other Womanizer products.

Where to buy the Satisfyer Pro 2

Bondara are currently selling the Pro 2 Next Generation for £44.99.

I’d like to thank Sally at Satisfyer for giving me the opportunity to test their Next Generation toys. What you read is my honest, impartial opinion. Affiliate links are used in this post. Please support my blog by using the links if you wish to purchase your own Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, as I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you xx

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