Satisfyer’s Succubuzz; the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

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Is Satisfyer’s Pro Plus Vibration a boomerang?

No, though you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration looks a bit like a boomerang.  Why the odd shape then? It’s a question that puzzles me since I first laid eyes on Satisfyer’s latest clitoris suction product. My theory is that it is to provide more ergonomic ease of handling.

The suction part is also more deeply set into the main unit, than other Satisfyer Pro series models I’ve tried such as the Pro 2, the Next Generation Pro 2 and the Next Generation Pro Penguin. I’m thinking it is Satisfyer’s attempt at protecting the air pulse membrane mechanism from damage when cleaning the unit. I can see that it is easily possible to poke a cotton bud or similar cleaning tool through the membrane, so setting it further back would prevent such damage. Obviously these are my own musings, and if I’m wrong then I am ready to be corrected. I just thought these were two of the main differences between the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration and other models I’ve tested on this blog.

Satisfyer Pro plus Vibration
The air pulse pressure membrane is deep set within the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration. Its silicone head detaches for easy cleaning.

Another difference is the silicone head that contacts the clitoris. It has a funnel shape, perhaps helping to channel the air pulse sensations down over the clitoris and clitoral hood. The main difference, however, is the vibration. Yes, I got to it finally. I was enjoying making you wait for that one (sniggers gleefully).

Do vibrations make the ‘Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration’ more *ahem* satisfying? 

Short answer = yes. For me personally, I like power. Hence, as with the previous Satisfyer models, I crank the suction intensity to full power. Then I let it suck the orgasms out of me. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Satisfyer’s range of suction toys, the silicone funnel-shaped head sits over the clitoris and exerts pressure waves over the sensitive flesh. There are 11 intensity settings that can be increased or decreased at will. To do this, simply click the + or – ends of the large rose gold ABS plastic button. The button above that (power symbol) turns the pressure waves on/off.

The lower button (~) controls the vibration settings. There are 10 of these, with the first 3 being continuous vibrations in three decreasing frequencies. I basically only use the first vibration setting, which is the highest frequency continuous vibration.  Patterns do not really work for me. I’ve said it before so I’m not going to spend precious time talking about all the different pattern modes. What I will say though, is that on the first impression, the vibration seems to mainly be felt through the handle. But when the silicone funnel comes into contact with the clitoris, I really do notice the vibrations travelling through the head into my flesh.

In fact, the geek side of me decided to use the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration in the bath, which is something I didn’t really do with previous Satisfyer models. Generally, I don’t feel very relaxed sat in my trough-like tub whilst masturbating so usually I play with my toys whilst on my bed. I have to say, I found it quite mesmerising watching the patterns on the water surface caused by the air pulses and the vibration. And the orgasms were pretty darn good too, both in and out the tub!

Pros and cons of the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration.


  • Quick and easy to charge. Magnetic contacts attach without slipping. Light flashes to tell you it is charging then remains illuminated when fully charged.
  • Reasonable length of playtime. On a full charge, I’ve thus far had three play sessions averaging about 10-15 minutes each. Still seems to have loads of power left.
  • The suction is powerful at it’s highest setting, without being like a vacuum. I’ve heard horror stories of toys that try to actually claim their owner’s clitoris (I was very scared). For those that want a more delicate touch, the lower intensity settings are gentle but are still enough to provide arousal.
  • Very easy to clean. The silicone head can be removed for more thorough cleaning.
  • Backlit ‘power’ and ‘vibration’ (~) buttons to aid play in the dark or under the duvet.
  • Not too loud, though I wouldn’t necessarily say completely whisper quiet. Providing there’s some background noise, the whirr of the motors should not be too cacophonous.


  • The buttons are a bit ‘clickety.’ They do not operate smoothly; instead, they give an audible ‘click’ when going through the differing intensities. Similarly so for the vibrations. This is nothing new, as the other Satisfyer’s I have tried have similar issues. I wouldn’t say it’s a deal-breaker. But if I were looking for something to nit-pick over, then that is my culprit.
  • I do not necessarily think that there need to be 11 intensities. Some of them seem redundant, such as the first two and a couple at the higher end. I think 6-8 intensities would be adequate.

Bottom line and where to buy:

Perhaps a winged female demon that seduces sleeping men (succubus) is a bit of an extreme analogy for the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration. But I think you’d have to be basically ‘clinically dead’ not to orgasm with this white silicone bit of wizardry! I’d rate it 9/10, with a mark deducted purely for the cons I stated above.

The Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration was provided to me by Satisfyer, free of charge in return for my honest opinion. What you read are my own thoughts. I’d like to thank Sally at Satisfyer for sending me the Pro Plus Vibration to review. Affiliate links are used in this post. By clicking on them, you will be earning me a small commission, at no extra cost to yourself. And I will be extremely grateful for your support.  Please remember to clear your cookies before using the links xx

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  2. ” But I think you’d have to be basically ‘clinically dead’ not to orgasm with this white silicone bit of wizardry!” I just LOL’d! Great review!

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