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#ShowStigmaTheFinger Campaign from Hot Octopuss

#ShowStigmaTheFinger Hot Octopuss Campaign

Hot Octopuss launched the #ShowStigmaTheFinger campaign on Tuesday 29th October, starring six activists wearing nothing but the middle finger. Show Stigma The Finger was designed to be displayed across the Big Apple but was banned by numerous media buyers, deemed “too inappropriate.” Despite falling foul of regulations, the company rallied …

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Sinful Sunday Week 401 – “Ban this Filth!”


Censorship. It’s all over Social  Media at the moment. The Patriarchal White Supremist Board Room committees at these corporations are Disney-fying our freedom of expression. They condone non-consent but say nay to our sexual freedom and gender identity. They don’t care about us keeping our peers *ahem*  abreast of developments …

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