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Chastity Device

Peach lacy pants with a heart-shaped padlock

Chastity devices are used a lot by Dommes for their submissive males. I thought I’d make my own impromptu one, which is purely for aesthetic purposes rather than actual chastity 😉 See who else is taking part in February PhotoFest 2020, by clicking the lips below. See my other February …

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The Punishment- Chastity

Pretty female looking at locks that could be used for a chastity device

I’m writing this story, as a follower of mine suggested I focus on chastity and denial in a Dominant Female / submissive male scenario. I hope it provides some evocative stimulation for my lovely readers (and not just those into FemDom), 😉 The offence Mistress Roxy had left Her slave …

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