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Crop a load of this…

Luv Bunny posing with a butterfly crop behind her butt.

As it’s #humpday, I thought it fitting to show a pic of my butt. The crop may be merely a prop, or it might be used for some impact play. Better yet, maybe both! 🙂 This photo is from a couple of years back, but it has not featured on …

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Ass-uming the position

Luv Bunny wearing a skirt and black boots, bent over a bed

I’ve had feedback from some followers during the course of the month, that they enjoy my submissive shots, so here’s a new one showing me bent into ‘child pose’ over the bed. You could say I’m ass-uming the position to receive a spanking or a flogging. 😉 Click the lips …

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X marks the spot

Black leather flogger and red suede floggers arranged in an X shape.

I have these two floggers, and I like both but they are very different to handle. The black one has a glass handle so is quite weighty. Meanwhile, the red one is lightweight. I think it would be interesting to use both at the same time in a kind of …

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Who’s been naughty? Wicked Wednesday #392

Glass Amethyst swirl butt plug resting on a black velour storage pouch. Displayed with a Calvin Klein Secret Obsession perfume bottle in background.

Sophie left something lying around that she shouldn’t have. Steve reprimands her, but is she the only one who’s been naughty in this story? Read on to find out… 😉 Who’s been naughty? It was late at night. Sophie had finished her shift at the store. It was all knick-knacks …

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Follow my erotic fantasy to the letter

Erotic fantasy letter

My dear love, I am writing this letter to you as I cannot be with you this weekend, and it saddens me beyond words. I have in my mind an erotic fantasy I would like to share with you. Fulfil all the descriptions provided in this letter, and you will …

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