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Frisky Friday meets Medical Play

Luv Bunny dressed as a Naughty Nurse

As its Frisky Friday, I’m going to talk about medical play. What springs to your mind; Nurses uniforms maybe? An attractive white-coated ‘professional’ bending you over their examination couch before inserting lubricated fingers into your rectum. Preparing you for a thorough examination of your prostate. Perhaps you like to imagine …

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Naughty Wonderland

Black and White Naughty Wonderland banner

Naughty Wonderland is a relatively new online adult retailer, based in the West Midlands. They are able to source and supply a range of competitively priced lingerie, adult toys and accessories from across the globe. The lingerie that Naughty Wonderland supplies include luxury brands Irall, Gracya, YesX and Svenjoyment. Sizing …

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Presenting… Something Purple!

This post is a dual purpose post. Firstly, I wish to introduce readers to a new company that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know via social media interactions. Secondly I’m also writing about a travel-sized kit containing some luxury items for a romantic evening or weekend getaway.   …

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