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All Tantus Dildos have 40% off this weekend!

Tantus Good Clean Fun Banner

I’ve previously tried a few of the Tantus range, so I will provide a mini-review of each of the ones I’ve ridden, in case you’re thinking of treating yourself this weekend, but aren’t sure which one to buy. After all, when the world is in lockdown or self-isolating what better …

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Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole is Two!

Luv Bunny Blog Anniversary

December was the month Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole reached another milestone- yep, it was our 2nd Blog Anniversary! To celebrate we have some awesome goodies to offer our lovely readers <3 For those of you from the United Kingdom, there are the following prizes up for grabs: Happy Rabbit …

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Tantus Paisley Limited Edition Silicone Dildo

Red and Black Superhero or Supervillain; these two colours are synonymous with power. Think of Darth Maul from Star Wars. Or perhaps conversely, Spider-Man. This silicone dildo from Tantus is an unyielding silicone phallus. The silicone is very firm. I do not know its rating on the Shore Hardness scale,  …

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Tantus Echo (-oh, oh oh!)

Purple silicone Tantus Echo dildo with silver bullet vibrator

My second toy tested from my recent Tantus splurge is the Midnight Purple Echo. It boasts 6 inches insertable length and 4.5 inches in girth. The Echo comes packaged in the standard Tantus-branded white and colour box. Also included is a 3-inch bullet, that can be inserted in the hole …

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Tantus Bound – Cocoa

Tantus Bound silicone dildo with purple knotted rope

Roped-up silicone The Tantus Bound dildo is a realistic looking phallus with an extra twist; rope texturing entwined around a bulging hulk of a peen! Mine is the Cocoa version, but it is also available from Tantus in Cream or Black. Bound was designed by SheVibe, and manufactured / distributed …

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Tantus Flurry

Tantus Flurry Purple silicone dildo with a purple Lava lamp in the background

The final Flurry of my Tantus splurge The dual density O2 Tantus Flurry in ‘Twilight is ghoulishly attractive. If you’re unfamiliar with the O2 line of dual density toys, it basically means the following: The inner core is harder and more ‘muscly.’ By contrast, the outer silicone shell is softer, …

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Dildo days

When inspiration strikes… because who knows what our toys get up to when we’re not looking! I may (supposedly) be an adult, but I’ve not outgrown Toy Story. It’s just that I have different toys now. Here’s what I stumbled across at the end of a busy weekend: Life sure …

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Tantus Vibrating Vamp Grab Bag

Tantus 3 speed bullet vibrator (silver bullets are good against werewolves too!)

After eagerly awaiting my deluxe bumper box of Tantus goodies (see “A tantalising New Year…with Tantus!”), I fished out the sealed Grab bag. The bag is transparent, displaying the Tantus Vibrating Vamp. On Tantus’s website, the pictures display ‘Black/Purple/Blue,’ ‘Purple/Blue,’ ‘Blue/Silver’ and ‘Black/Silver’ pearlescent colour combinations. These all look amazing! I …

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The tale of a bunny that luvs…

About me Hi lovelies, I started my true sexual discovery just over three years ago when I started buying sex toys and lingerie from online retailer Lovehoney. At this time, I was naive in my perceptions about sex and intimacy. Despite being in a loving relationship for many years, and …

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