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A Happy Hoppy Easter from Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole.

At the time of writing, I’m eagerly looking forward to the Easter Break. We booked a trip to Amsterdam, via Eurostar. It’s costing a pretty penny or two, but I think the experience will be amazing. After 7 or so years of staycations in the UK, we’ve decided since our epic Disneyland Paris trip last year to travel as a family when we can. The pandemic also made us want to live our lives, rather than just going to work and school with not much to look forward to. It made me realise how short life is when we lost my Nan. Around the same time my father-in-law had become seriously ill. He later passed away two years ago. Life is a one-chance opportunity, so I’d like us to travel whenever possible.

As for Amsterdam, we have made some plans already, including a visit to Keukenhof and Rijksmuseum. We have 3 full days there, so plan to do one main attraction per day. After we get back from our trip, it’s a quick turn-around to get Little Bunny off to her Brownie residential trip. Following that she will be spending a week at my in-laws, as we need to go back to work.

Spring means time to spring-clean

In other news, I am wanting to try and declutter at home when I can. We’ve all accumulated lots of things over the years. It takes a lot of time to maintain the rooms in our home. We have busy lives with full-time jobs and school. Therefore it makes sense to part with the things that are not that important/ valuable to us.
As part of this decluttering exercise, I’d like to start sorting through my large collection of adult products that I’ve amassed. Many of them I’ve reviewed over the 8 years since starting this blog.

I will advertise the items in a separate post once I’ve sorted them out. I’ll check they charge ok and still work. Then they’ll have a decent clean with bleach. I’ll be offering items for a small fee to cover postage and packaging. It’s not going to be a money-making exercise; more an opportunity to rehome items that don’t get regular use and save them going to waste.

Once items are listed on the blog (I’ll probably advertise 4-5 at a time), I’ll give them a 6-week window to be claimed (first-come, first-served). After this time frame, they’ll be sent to a recycling facility. A few key points I’d like to mention;

  • the items will be advertised in good faith, so I will not offer refunds if they stop working soon after you receive them. Otherwise, I’ll end up paying out of my pocket to send items to people.
  • Hopefully, things will work, and it’ll allow folks to try some products that may not be available to purchase brand new. Moreover, if something does not suit you, then you’ve not spent lots of money on it. There will be reviews for a lot of the items on this blog. Please search for the item in the ‘search’ field on my blog sidebar.
  • I won’t be posting lots of photos of the items; I simply don’t have the time. But I’ll photograph the items that I advertise in a post.

Thank you for your support over the years

Sadly, this blog hasn’t seen as much activity from me in the past 9-10 months since changing jobs. I’m hoping that posting items to rehome will remind people of all the work I have done here since 2016. As I’ve said previously, I am not gone, just less active.

But I am always grateful for the people who’ve reached out to me over the years. Both the readers who have enjoyed my reviews, short stories, as well as the other contemplative posts I’ve written. And the companies who have allowed me to review products for them. It has all meant so much to me, to rediscover my sexuality at a time when I felt a bit ambivalent about the world of sex in a monogamous marriage.

Just like life, this blog is proving to be fluid, and I wish to continue maintaining this space, for whoever is kind enough to give my words the time of day. For now, wishing all who visit this site a very Happy Hoppy Easter!

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  1. May you have a wonderful Easter

  2. Thank you Sindee and hope you have a cracking time also (pun intended) 😀

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