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BeWILDerWoods Norfolk

A trip to the woods, the PG version, this time

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I last wrote on here. This year seems to be racing by and now that I’m reflecting on what has happened over the past month it seems like a fair bit.
Today I renewed my domain name and registration (and I did it early, so that’s a win in my book). 😉

Over the October half-term, I spent the first 5-6 days being a single parent to our gorgeous little bunny, while Mr Bunny went to Cornwall to sort through more of his father’s things. The day after he returned, the three of us escaped to Norfolk for a two-day / one-night jaunt to have some much-needed family time. We had a lovely day together at BeWILDerwood, which we’d visited previously in the past 18 months or so. What was nice about this visit was that we were seeing it in all its autumnal glory.

Despite the wet weather we’ve had of late, the heavens blessed us with a dry day (though I had been prepared just in case, by ordering us all some waterproof trousers). I must have been a girl scout in a previous life! For anyone who hasn’t visited BeWILDerwood, it’s a children’s themed woodland playground based on the children’s books by Tom Blofeld. There are wooden sky mazes, a craft tent, boarded walkways and a riverboat ride through the Crocklebog. The one thing I insisted on doing (though I did it solo) was going on the zip line. It would be rude not to, after all! A day of freedom in the woods was just the tonic for us, and we enjoyed a hearty meal and night’s kip at a local traditional inn. Being in Norfolk, there were plenty of checked shirt-clad rural types in the bar.

If you go into the woods at Halloween, there’ll be Bats!

Anyhoo, the following day we visited the National Trust at Blickling Hall. Another great place to go to for a family day out, with lots to see and do. We walked around the grounds, covering the gardens with all their colourful late-season Dahlias, and testing the apples on the trail. Our mooch continued past the ‘temple’ and the Orangery which were both closed, but they always seem so grand to me. Even if I’m just peering through the glass and looking at the blossom on the citrus trees. After the obligatory pit stop at the café, where I enjoyed my ‘free’ children’s lunch box and some of my kiddo’s sausage roll (her choice, but it was too ‘herby’ with the sage) we stepped back in time on a tour of the RAF Oulton Museum.

I think with everything that has been happening in Ukraine this year, I wanted to take the time to reflect on what previous generations in our country had fought for. Both of my grandfathers had been involved in World War II, though at least one of them had fought in Burma as far as I know. One passed away in 1998 and the other early in January 2000. When they’d both died, I’d been in my late teens. It’s now been 2 years since my beloved Nan passed away. When Queen Elizabeth II sadly departed our nation a couple of months ago, it felt like old wounds were reopening.

Moving on, our day’s outing at Blickling continued with a saunter around a craft exhibition. I love seeing the creations of talented people. I can appreciate their efforts, and artistic pursuits can be very good for the soul. About a decade ago I did try doing some lino printing myself. One of my efforts is hanging on little Bunny’s bedroom wall. It’s a hare lino print, and its ears are Barley Ears.

Blickling Hall, NT, Norfolk. Got to get my membership’s worth!

We didn’t actually go into the House at Blickling, in the end as there was so much to see that we ended up missing out on the limited entry times. But never mind, as it’s a good excuse to go back another time.

Following Halloween, it has been back to school, work and getting geared up for Christmas etc. Think it’d be best to write about some of that in another post.

In the meantime, if you’re new to this site, or even if you’re not but fancy a read of some non-PG related material (aka Smut), then click here to read this story I wrote previously…

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