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All I want for Christmas is…

S. E. X.

I realise this might sound ironic given that I blog about sex toys and other things sex-related. But even sex bloggers go through ‘sex-droughts.’ And the fact that I’m a married  sex blogger does not mean I get instant access to sex whenever I want it. Two have to tango, after all.

Lately, it seems as though Mr Bunny and I are in different time-zones. He’s been more lark-like in recent weeks. The result is he can barely keep his eyes open beyond 8pm most evenings. Given that our kiddo doesn’t get to bed until 7:30 most evenings (occasionally later), it doesn’t give us much sexy time. And I would not be impressed if he woke me up at 4am for some pre-work nookie. That will likely get him booted out of bed faster than elves on Christmas Eve!

I realise I may well have to take the first move to get us out of this rut. And I’m not attempting to place blame in writing this piece. We both are accountable for our lack of sex and general intimacy. I think it will require small steps. Some cuddles and kisses on the sofa. Hand-holding whilst we walk together with our daughter. The romance has withered and that is adding to the issue of non-intimacy.

It’s going to take time and patience. But it’s necessary if we are to weather the storm that is about to beset our home. Humans need connection. Sex offers a deep connection both physically and emotionally. I want to renew that connection. Before too much time passes, and we grow further apart.

Mr Bunny, if you are reading this (I hope you are), then here is my Christmas wish. Nothing materialistic. I don’t need perfume, jewellery or handbags. I want my husband.

Merry Christmas to you all, and if you are also in need of sex this Christmas, perhaps leave this post open on your partner’s tablet or laptop to remind them of the importance of sex within your relationship.  

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Image taken courtesy of Ruth Hartnup, from Flickr.

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