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Cutting off the dead wood…

This post is a bit of a reflection on how I’m feeling at the moment. Bare with me, it may bob along tricky waters and get stuck like a bit of awkward driftwood floating down a stream. For those of you who are regular readers, you will probably know that I am currently unemployed and feeling a bit lost.

Rewinding to a few weeks ago, the Easter holidays came. For the first week, I was stay-at-home parenting 3 out of the 5 days. On the 4th day, we had a family day out on a train-themed afternoon tea experience. I was trying to replicate something like the train to Hogwarts for Little Bunny since she’s a Harry Potter fan. Anyway, the food was good, albeit carb-heavy.

Over the long weekend, we decided to get away on a family caravan holiday to the Norfolk coast. The accommodation was good, and we mostly did our own meals in the caravan. We ate out one day which was disappointing as the company’s dining app was a waste of time. At least on Easter Sunday, it was. The pool was also pretty small. But that didn’t really matter as Mr Bunny and Little Bunny seemed to enjoy it.

“What has any of this got to do with dead wood?”

I hear you asking. Yes, I’m going to get to that now. On reflection, I now feel like my colleagues and I were the ‘dead wood’ within the business. Some of the roses in our garden at home have been heavily blasted by this winter’s cold snaps and harsh winds. So our roses have a lot of dead wood, which Mr Bunny prunes at sporadic intervals. (I like gardens, I just don’t like gardening)!

So now that I’m feeling like a piece of driftwood floating along unknown waters, it is making me think where do I go from here? Not just in a work/career sense, but also on a personal level. I’m a fairly private person, (despite writing this blog, yeah, I’m a complete oxymoron, or maybe just a moron?!)

Having lots of time to think and ponder what I’ll do with every waking minute while ‘the family’ is out at work/school, is obviously having some impact on my brain. It’s easy to say “Get a job!” or “Why don’t you do what so-and-so does, and do x/y/z?”

Getting interviews is much harder, and trying not to fuck up in those interviews is also extremely challenging. Remembering to read all the instructions in the invitation so I don’t end up at the wrong building, whilst trying to think of decent answers to all the “so what would you do in such-and-such situation?” questions is a big ask for this brain that is easily distracted.

Anyway, suffice it to say, I’m finding myself making some difficult decisions about other aspects of my life, and they are not the decisions I necessarily wanted to make, but at the present time, for my sanity, I have to make them. Effectively, I’m cutting off dead wood, so that I can re-grow, and hopefully blossom again.

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