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Disneyland Paris main Park Entrance

Disneyland Days

This summer Mr. Bunny and I decided to go ‘all out’ after not travelling anywhere abroad since before Little Bunny was born. She’s at that magical age where she loves dressing up and meeting new people, so what better than packing some adorable dresses and visiting a land of fun?

We took the Eurostar from St Pancras International via Lille to Marne-la-Vallée Chessy on Bank Holiday Monday. That gave us an evening to explore Fantasyland and get settled into our hotel room at The Sequoia Lodge. “It’s like a tree!” exclaimed Little Bunny on seeing the brown and green facade of the Lodge.

As we’d anticipated dining out every day could get rather costly, we opted for the Half-board Plus meal plan. This gave us buffet breakfasts at our hotel in one of the two dining areas (Beaver Creek and Hunter’s Grill). We could then dine at a choice of restaurants throughout the two main parks for our evening meals. Pre-booking via the app ensured we’d not miss out. The resort was very busy, and they offered slots at 15-minute intervals, which gave good flexibility.

On that first evening, we rode the Le Carrousel de Lancelot, followed by Dumbo the Flying Elephant, which gave us time to enjoy the ambience of the Fantasyland illuminations.

Sleeping beauty's Castle at Disneyland ParisOn our first full day in the park, Little Bunny donned her Alice in Wonderland dress. Sadly I wasn’t allowed to wear mine, subject to restrictions on adults wearing costumes.

We continued our adventures in Fantasyland, by riding on the Disneyland Railroad. On our return to Main Street we got to experience the start of the 30th Anniversary morning parade. Seeing all the characters in their costumes was a great way to get into the Disney mood. After making our way through the crowds of people, it was fun to sit on the little boats for the “it’s a small world” tour. But be prepared for the infectious tune to seep into your brain and stay with you for a few hours! To try and spin that refrain from our memories, we spun ourselves silly on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, before wandering through Alice’s Curious Labyrinth.

Were we late for the tea party? Come back soon, and find out!

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  1. I’ve been to Disneyland a couple of times – once in 1994, when I would have been about 9, and then again as a teen, when I was a little less interested.

    The second time was more memorable (despite having a video from the original sojourn) due to the fact that my little sister was taken ill and spent most of the weekend in the infirmary. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone be sick before the “It’s a Small World” ride.

    • Thank you for sharing about your trips there, ILB. Your poor sister must have been really poorly, bless. I went once before in my late teens. That was via coach/ferry and only for 2 days. This trip was very busy, but a lot of fun, and we made so many amazing memories. Miss Bunny says she wants to go back to Disneyland, and Paris too ;p I enjoyed the It’s A Small World, but the tune is a real ear-worm!

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