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singer playing a guitar and wearing a sombrero hat

Do you wanna wear my hat?

The title of this post is a song title, for the ditty I made up to go with the sombrero I recently acquired. I thought it would be fun to share the lyrics, to give my readers an insight to the more fun side of my personality. I think deep thoughts, but there are occasionally silly ones too…

This song is best imagined when wearing a sombrero and strumming a small guitar. 😉

Do you wanna wear my haa-at? Do you wanna wear my hat?

I promise it won’t make you faa-at!

Do you wanna wear my hat?

It won’t make you look a tw@t!

Do you wanna wear my hat?

Where is my caa-at?

Did it go inside my hat?

Luv Bunny (C)

I hope you enjoyed the song. No sombreros or cats were harmed in the making of this song. Some ears were pierced through. 😉

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  1. Yes, ears are out of luck 🙂

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