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Luv Bunny dressed as a Naughty Nurse

Frisky Friday meets Medical Play

As its Frisky Friday, I’m going to talk about medical play. What springs to your mind; Nurses uniforms maybe? An attractive white-coated ‘professional’ bending you over their examination couch before inserting lubricated fingers into your rectum. Preparing you for a thorough examination of your prostate.

Perhaps you like to imagine JD from Scrubs wearing his signature blue tunic whilst using a vaginal speculum to stretch your pussy. Keeping you wide open to explore all those hidden erogenous zones.

They reach inside their black domiciliary style leather bag and pull out their implements to explore and stimulate their patient. That’d be you. Perhaps they want to check your nerve reflexes. Running a stainless steel pinwheel over your flesh.


Sexy Nurse Uniform

It’s your kink to indulge however you wish

You may be a patient with a masochistic tendency. Requiring restraint around your cock and testes as your prostate receives stimulation from an attached metal anal hook. The metal slides into your rectum with a satisfying numbing chill as you feel the sensations of fullness and pressure on your inner pleasure spot.  The built-in cock ring tugs on your straining cock, which in turn nudges the egg against your prostate. Doesn’t that sound sublime? Your ‘healthcare professional’ will coax you to take it all in like the good sub you are. You obey, wanting to please them. And good behaviour deserves a reward of course.

Intrigued by having cool metal inserted into your urethra? Perhaps the thrill of seeing your ‘nurse’ reach for her sounding rods will have you weeping precum. Just as well, as you’ll be needing that lubrication to aid that metal along its passage. How far will you be willing to endure the probing? You may surprise yourself and take it further than you’d envisioned. No matter how you indulge your medical fetish ‘kink’ the important thing is that it’s your kink. As long as it is safe, sane and consensual, all is well.

Needle play is a kink for some fetishists. The sight of their blood being released is pleasurable and hedonistic to them. Conversely, you may like to shed your blood to please a play partner who delights in the visual effect of their blood-letting. Take the necessary precautions using sterile needles, protective clothing and treating the skin with a body-safe healing balm and dressing to remain assured that blood-play will be safe.

Keep it safe sane and consensual

It’s entirely up to you and play partners you engage with to set the appropriate boundaries whatever your fetish may be.


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