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Fuck off Alexa- why I don’t like App-based technology

This morning’s news bulletin of a Siri quality control system that can listen in on private conversations and even hear people having sex in their own homes has not surprised me. I am shocked though. App-based technology encroaches on our personal privacy and online safety. Information we share in our own homes is privy to those involved. No one else needs to know…

These apps are prevalent and are popular amongst sex toys. We-vibe, Lovely, Lovense, and IMTOY are a few brands that utilise technology to make couples’ play more dynamic and to enable long-distance play. Some of these apps only seem to work over a short distance (in my hands IMTOY’s whale app struggled to stay connected on my Apple iPhone. Strange as it may sound. Possibly I just had patchy WiFi that occasion.

Suffice to say, these apps, whilst popular among tech-aficionados, are scary. They want to know your personal details, including date of birth, email address and so on. This makes them a potential target for hackers who could want your personal information.

Not only that, domicillary apps such as Echo and Alexa could be accessed by government or intelligence. Not necessarily a concern for your average Joe, or is it?!

With the backlash from Cambridge Analytica / Facebook’s data breach we should all be concerned with what we post online. Social Media is a double-edged sword. Whilst great for making connections with long-lost friends (my original purpose for using Facebook) these apps can access all our private photos and status updates. That is unless you change your privacy settings.

Even then, I’m not sure I trust these programs to not access information that they oughtn’t to.

I rarely post on Facebook. I try to avoid putting pictures of myself and family on there. I don’t need weird internet people stalking us. On accounts associated with my blog I am becoming more careful. I don’t post images on there so often. I prefer them to be on my blog.

Social media is social, but it can also be ‘antisocial’. Trolls hide behind keyboards and make threats to people they don’t know. Messages like ‘kill yourself’ are so toxic. There are people who are in a bad place mentally. Sadly, they listen to these trolls and their meaningless insults.

Cyber-bullying is on the rise. I want my daughter to not have a phone (unless she’s out) when she is growing up. At home, the phone will be returned to us. I don’t want her bringing school life and politics into our home; her haven.

For that reason, app-based technology platforms like Alexa, Echo and Hive can all remain locked out! Politics take up enough of our attention through media. I do not want them in my home too.

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