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I want to be naughty, but I have no sexy ‘partner-in-crime.’

Have you ever done anything mischievous with or to your partner?

The most mischievous thing we’ve done is have sex whilst staying with friends of my hubby’s before we married, whilst we were all sharing the lounge. In terms of actual activities, the most naughty thing we’ve done is play with our Electrostim kit, using the pads and cock loops whilst fucking. It was fun to tease each other with different stimulation patterns. We both respected each other’s boundaries where the intensity was concerned. My threshold for E-stim is lower than Mr Bunny’s. I prefer tingles rather than being zapped.

Is there anything mischievous you’d like to do?

There’s plenty I’d like to do; more al fresco sex with Mr Bunny, going to a sexy cabaret with him, and I’d love to do more kink-related stuff. He’s not really into impact play, but on occasions, I’ve persuaded him to use my flogger on me. I’d like to try double penetration with him, with either a butt plug or a strap-on dildo he can wear.

Are you a naturally mischievous person – or would you like to be more mischievous than you are?

I can be quite mischievous, but Mr Bunny is straight as an arrow. This makes it tricky to encourage him to try naughtier things. He’s hands-down refused to do any anal play on him. He doesn’t play with my butt either. I’d say he’s a lot more conventional than I am sexually. It can be frustrating, as sometimes I feel like he ‘yucks’ my ‘yums’.

I’d like him to put more effort into our relationship as a couple and dress more nicely. He normally wears his ‘scruffs’ at home which is an old t-shirt and shorts for DIY jobs. He lets his beard grow a bit longer and shaggy, so I don’t like kissing him when it’s quite bristly. Admittedly I could dress up in sexy underwear, but the point is, I buy myself underwear and have sometimes received tester items. So it’s not like they are ungratefully- received gifts. I don’t think he’s gifted me anything sexy. Sometimes he can be romantic, though he’s not that sensual.

I think the key is making him feel like it’s his idea, as he doesn’t like to feel cajoled into anything.

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  1. Excellent post LB. I have lots of naughty thoughts but sadly that is all they remain. I hope you manage to whip Mr Bunny into a frenzy and receive the stimulation you crave. Reading this has certainly stimulated me.

  2. It seems to me the right idea to conduct the case in such a way that Mr. Bunny would think that it was he who proposed new types of play. But for this you need to be a psychologist in order to achieve such an effect. I wish you the best of luck along the way.

  3. Glad to hear that you are mischievous. It remains to interest Mr. Bunny.

  4. I can relate with the at home wardrobe and the scruffy beard. But, I fear I am more the straight-laced one in our relationship, and he, like you, wishes I’d be more of a sexy partner in crime. It takes a lot of work from both sides to balance things and make it work for both, especially if you don’t have similar sex drives or similar sexual desires.

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