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I’m sorry, you must have confused me for someone else…

I’m using a line from the new Meghan Trainor song as the title for this blog post. It’s a message to all the fuck-boy types that scroll through Twitter and select ladies that they think are down for a quick fuck, never to be spoken to again. I’m sorry, you must have confused me for someone else. Someone who doesn’t have any self-respect.

I’m so glad I’m not on the dating scene right now. Millennials and Generation X-ers seem to have lost all their chivalry when it comes to being a decent date. You know, making interesting conversation, as opposed to ‘I bet your pussy would look good on my cock!’ These fuck-boy types, seem to think they have so many options, and they treat the women they interact with as disposable as their underwear. That is what a lot of these entitled guys are like. They don’t use manners, just make demands. I’m sure their Momma’s taught them better than that.

Now if it seems like I’m a ‘hoity-toity up-my-arse type cock-tease, then so be it. I’m not on Twitter for your entertainment. I’m on it, for mine. Not all women want to be treated like objects. Similarly , not all women want to be married and run off into the sun-set. You don’t have to worry about your precious money and your fast car. Women like to earn their own ya-know! There are women who like sex. But I’m sure most of them have enough self-respect to know that they will be yesterday’s water-cooler gloat-topic. Fuck that shit. We deserve better. So stop objectifying us as your toys in pretty packaging. It smacks of patriarchy and sexist misogynistic tripe.

The salty truth

Maybe once you’ve scored a few hundred notches on your bed post and the novelty of fucking a different hot-chick every other night of the week has worn off you might be ready to settle for someone special. Trouble will be, by then you’d have scared off anyone that might actually be special.


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  1. Such a good post Luv Bunny. I never knew there were men like that. I have always valued conversation. Just glad I’m not on the dating scene these days. x

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