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It’s a New Year and a new decade! My Blog Goals for 2020

I’m putting fingers to keyboard and putting this on your screen so you can all hold me accountable for what I’m about to say I will do for my blog goals in 2020. Wow, kind of makes me feel like an authority figure or something, lol. Jesting aside, I know I can be a “yes, BUT” kind of person. I want to try and convert that into a “yes, AND” way of thinking.

So, I will say something that I want to do in the New Year that is no beating around the proverbial bush. I want to write on a platform other than my blog. On a webzine, in an anthology or a site that hosts erotic content. Sadly, I probably won’t be attending Eroticon 2020, because money is too tight.

Whilst it saddens me that I won’t get to share an awesome time with fellow writers and kinky people, I am grateful that I have attended the past two years and, featured in the corresponding anthologies. I learnt a lot, and stupidly, I haven’t made the most of this knowledge in 2019.

I let myself become snowballed by the #buildproject (in case you’re just seeing my content for the first time, my home has been undergoing renovations since February…Yup, I know, right?!)

What else do I want to do? Let’s see, memes are fun, and give a sense of belonging to this fantastic community. Therefore, I plan to participate in Sinful Sunday, Wicked Wednesday and Flash Friday as often as I can. #NoMoreExcuses.

I’d also like to get more exposure and collaborate with companies to do some advertising and sponsored posts. In 2018, I got better at doing this. Then 2019 kicked my butt. Or rather, I let myself be kicked in the butt. But you know what, to speculate does not always mean you will accumulate. My readership is still limited, so I’d love to gain new regular followers.

There are some new products I’m keen to test for review purposes, including the Doxy Aluminium butt plug and Rocks Off Regala Rabbit.

More importantly, I want to give my regular readers, and new ones hopefully, the content they love. You guys are why I do this. I came close to canning the whole blog towards the end of the year, but then I remembered Girl on the Net’s inspirational quote from Eroticon.

“No one writes like you do.”

Whilst there may be hundreds of sex bloggers, we are not alike. We are a heterogeneous mix of folks that have different interests, kinks and takes on sex and life. I will continue to use my voice on here, my little corner of the wonderful web, and hopefully weave more of you lovely people into my blog!

In case you were wondering what my end of 2018 ponderings were, they’re here!

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