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Life has changed in so many ways…

It’s been like living in a soap opera for the past 3 years. First, we had (and continue to have) a pandemic to contend with. Then my father-in-law became seriously unwell, during Covid. Sadly, we lost him this Easter, which has been tough on us. Mr Bunny spent the last 4 days of his dad’s life with him at his father’s home. By this stage, his dad was in palliative care. But at least he was going on his terms; he was at home with his wife, both sons, and pets.

On top of all that, Ukraine has been devastated by Russian forces since February. The result on global economies has been hard to swallow. In the UK, our government have been lying and deceiving us at every turn. I was happy to hear of our PM’s resignation last week, but I’m concerned about who might take his place. The whole party pretty much stinks, in my opinion.

I won’t dwell anymore on the political state of things though. We get enough of that stuffed down our throats by the media. Suffice it to say, 2022 has sucked and not in a good way. With things being how they’ve been, I’ve gone off the radar for some time. My plan at present is to keep the site running, for as long as I can. Writing has not happened in months, however. I feel like it’s a self-perpetuating issue where I don’t feel like writing, so I don’t. Then it becomes harder to find a reason to write.

One thing though, is that despite everything, I still feel like having sex. Although it’s mostly on my own, with a toy or two usually. I do have a few after all. When I masturbate, I feel free of the stresses that life seems to be hurling at us. The emotional release I have occasionally after a good orgasm is cathartic too. At first, I was taken aback by it, but then I realised that I needed to have some release. Both physically and emotionally, as I’ve tried to be the one rallying my little family during the past few months.

We’ve had one or two other niggles at home, which I won’t go into now, but I’m at the point where I think, fuck it, if I want a gin and tonic while I watch Netflix so be it! Mr Bunny has been pretty flat-out lately with work, and some stuff at home, so he’s not had as much time to garden as he’d like. The hot weather has parched the lawn, which in any case is pretty rough with clover and weeds. But I say to him, the garden will be there another time. For the present, I’d like us to concentrate on having quality time as a family, making memories that we’ll cherish later on.

When we get the chance to go out, we do. It’s important for us to live and not merely exist. we work hard and life is for experiencing all the richness that we can. Most of the time, we go out to our local pub, or to a National Trust place somewhere. We see close friends. Nonetheless, they’re enjoyable times, that have been in more limited supply since the start of 2020.

I prefer quality over quantity though. So when things are tough, like last week when the dog was hideously ill, and we were dealing with another issue, I think to myself: “Blessed we are when we have a rainbow after the storm.”

From here on, my posts may likely continue to be sporadic, but I haven’t forgotten who I blog for. I just want to live life, and when I get the chance to write, I will.

Thanks for checking in at Down The Bunny Rabbit Hole. May your holes remain busy and thrilled, 😉

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  1. Unfortunately, the world will never be the same again. You have to come to terms with this. Just one thought gives us hope that you still have sexual desire. This will encourage you to write new posts.

  2. It seems that life is getting harder every year and even every day. But we still have hope for a better future. And life goes on.
    I will wait for your new posts.

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