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Live your best life

Life, you only get one chance….

I feel like on my way through life, I’ve made some pretty monumental mistakes. Some of which I still make now. If like me, you feel that you could do with making some changes, here are a couple of suggestions. Not all of them may suit you. But you can pick and choose what advice you wish to follow as you live your life.

  1. When you don’t know what to do about something, it may be simply best to do nothing. Inaction is not always good, but in the case where a ‘wrong’ action would be far worse, then it’s acceptable to just take a breather.
  2. Being overly concerned by your appearance is pointless. Sure, if you feel you need to get more trim or toned, by all means, exercise and cut out the junk food / drinks. But trifling about a few wrinkles or bags under your eyes is a waste of time. Embrace those lines. They tell your life story. It may not always be ‘pretty,’ but it means something!
  3. Chasing after pleasure and ‘quick-fixes’ or short-term gratification does not equate to overall happiness. Real contentment and a sense of achievement is earned through meaningful endeavours, such as studying for a degree, or creating a place to live and making memories. Long-lasting relationships and friendships are important too. We may ‘know a lot of people,’ but it is more beneficial to really know just a few.
  4. Spend less time on social media (I am so bad for this). Engaging with people in your real-life world is paramount to your wellbeing. They don’t have to be your family (if you don’t get on with them, it may be best to minimise contact). But spending time with those you care about (and whom care about you) is good for the soul.
  5. Be thankful for 3 things every day. Gratitude makes us appreciate the good things we have. Why bother lamenting the things we don’t have?
  6. Don’t envy other people. Instead of bitching that so-and-so has a better house/ car / job than you or goes on loads of holidays, work out what is important to you. Then get out there and work on achieving it!
  7. If you find yourself being the King / Queen of self-defeat, then apply a 5-second rule. If you plan to do something beneficial to yourself, like exercise, but then stop to think about it and talk yourself out of it. Stop! Count down from 5; 5-4-3-2-1…action! The actual counting down process spurs you on ‘to do,’ rather than procrastinate.

I’ve basically touched the surface here. I don’t wish to ‘preach.’ But I do sometimes find myself falling into some of these traps. A few of them on a regular basis!

It may help to reflect on whether you get caught up in fretting over your appearance, envying other people or procrastinating, for example.

Start living your life instead of lamenting or yearning for something that is not there.

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