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Oral Sex Pocket book front cover

Mouthing off… To get him off!

One bedroom skill I’m quite proud of is giving oral sex. Whether you call it fellatio, ‘sucking off’, giving a blow job, licking the lollipop, it’s pleasurable and intimate.

I enjoy performing the act because it gives me a sense of power and control. Looking up at him through lowered lashes, as I lavish his love-stick with my mouth and tongue. Sucking and licking, whilst my hands rub and stroke his lower shaft and balls, I savour the effort of earning his creamy ejaculate; my prize as well as his. The maintenance of eye-contact is important also, to reinforce the intimacy of this act.

It’s even better when there’s a flavoured lubricant involved; my preference is mint flavour, but I do like chocolate orange, cherry and passion fruit too. Though I’m not proficient at deep-throating a la Linda Lovelace, I do aim to take as much cock length down my throat as possible. So far I’ve not had any complaints.

Doing it ‘by the book’

I like to experiment and try new techniques. Hence I purchased the Oral Sex pocket book from Lovehoney (£6.99),  to expand my oral repertoire. The book, whilst not being small enough to fit into any of my pockets, is certainly good to go into any average-sized handbag. The front cover is a tonal photograph of a lady’s torso and upper thigh area, from a profile angle. It is tastefully presented, and yes it does suggest a woman giving oral sex to a male. But it could also suggest a woman pleasing another female through cunnilingus. It has an air of mystery about it.

Inside the front cover, the contents divide the book into two halves. Firstly, oral techniques designed to be performed on a penis. The second half is devoted to the fairer of the two genders, and her pleasure through ‘pussy licking’. Each ‘technique’ is accompanied by either a tastefully depicted cartoon style illustration, or an appropriately composed photograph (with obligatory sexy models). A double page is thus presented for each ‘oral move,’ with one page dedicated to the image, and the other page leant to the description. The written ‘instructions’ are subdivided into ‘The Basics’ and then expanded on in a full ‘Blow by Blow’ or ‘Lick by Lick’ account according to the gender they are practised on.


Lessons in licking

Each of the oral ‘manoeuvres’ is perfectly feasible. No acrobatics or props are required, apart from the odd silk scarf or bottle of champagne. In the absence of such luxury, I’m sure a decent sparkling wine would suffice without any detriment! Sample techniques to blow his mind include;

  • the Windshield Wiper (whereby the tongue is swept back and forth across the frenulum).
  • Tongue ‘n Groove.
  • The Slip ‘n Swivel.

For her, the oral repertoire contains

  • Inner Peace (whereby two fingers form a ‘peace sign’ inside the front wall of her vagina, to stimulate her G spot, whilst the tongue licks her clitoris).
  • Open Sesame.
  • Under the Hood.


This book contains a good variety of performances to enact on your partner. They’re all presented in an easy to read and interpret format. If you’re looking for some oral inspiration to wow your lover, get your copy today at Lovehoney!  In practice, I’ve only tried out a few of the moves thus far. I like surprising my partner, so I intend to keep on increasing my skill set, to give him pleasure that hopefully, he’ll want to reciprocate!


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