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lounge area in a modern home

My home is my sanctuary

My home has expanded this past year; it had to as we really like the area we live, and we had the space to extend. It just wasn’t spacious enough. Now, though it’s feeling more roomy. The living space downstairs is open-plan, so the kitchen opens onto the dining area, which wraps back around to the lounge.

There is a wall that divides the kitchen from the lounge, creating the feeling of a more intimate recreation area. The main feature, is that we have a glass sliding door system that opens on the corner, so it helps give the illusion of the house flowing into the garden and vice versa.

In spring, we plan to lay a decking area outside the doors. This is so we can have a patio for al fresco dining and entertaining in the summer. I’d like to have a Mediterranean style space in our garden, perhaps to one side of the decking. Previously, we had an olive tree in our first property. I like the idea of living somewhere warm, so in the future perhaps I’ll escape somewhere sunny to live my later years.

For now though, I’m content to call this place home. My daughter will enjoy growing up here, and that is what makes the distinction of a home over a house. Coming back to people you love at the end of each day, sharing our experiences around the dinner table. I hope we can be open with our daughter as she grows up, and she doesn’t feel the need to escape to her room too much.

Our dog is also a prominent feature. She makes herself comfy on her own chair, or the sofa bed that now lives in the lounge. She’s part of the family and she likes to be involved in what we do. When we go for walks she is happy to be out, but then equally as happy to come back home and curl up somewhere.

Home is our sanctuary.

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  1. I know it has been a struggle getting the house to where u have in now but it sounds like it was worthwhile and I can tell you and your family will build some wonderful memories there x

  2. I love the look and sound of your home. As May says, I’m sure you will be making some wonderful memories. xx

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