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Planning a new style of blogging- using a platform such as Ko-Fi

I kind of feel like I’m writing for an invisible audience sometimes. Currently, I know I have about 81 followers of this blog through WordPress. I have no idea if that’s low or high for the length of time I’ve been blogging. Now, I want to canvas my Twitter followers’ thoughts on the idea of my having a subscription-based platform, like Ko-fi or Patreon for some of my content.

The poll can be found here, for those of you on Twitter. I’ve left it open for 4 days from today.

As I explain in some of the subtweets that follow in this thread, I’m not trying to alienate my readership. I feel my writing is a bit limited at present. Limited in part, because I’m juggling the prospect of returning to work soon, with having my little one home for summer . The blog in its current form is kind of starting to feel a bit one-sided. Like I throw stuff onto it, but I don’t always know if people like it or if they don’t. There’s also the possibility they just don’t care. That’s fine too. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. 😉

I wondered if by having some kind of subscriber content, it would enable me to tailor my content to what my audience wants. So it would be a more ‘interactive’ style of blogging from the perspective of the subscriber. Maybe you don’t want to read a certain genre, or there’s a genre you want to read more of. Or perhaps you’re a more visual person and you’d rather just see some saucy pics. I appreciate that blogging is becoming a bit commercialised in some ways. By suggesting this idea I’m kind of taking a leap of faith.

Another idea is having audio recordings of some of my already published content. If you love my voice, hopefully you’ll want to hear more of it. 🙂

As for which platform I’d use, I’m thinking Ko-Fi or Patreon. I don’t wish for anyone to feel obligated to paying a monthly fee if they really cannot afford to. I do wonder if running both may be an option too. From my current understanding, Ko-fi allows for one-off payments, whilst Patreon has a tiered system. I really want to keep it as simple as possible for both myself and for readers willing to support me in this new set-up.

I know I can get side-tracked as well. Perhaps there was a story I started that you really liked, and then it trailed off, leaving you wondering if there is ever going to be another part. I’d love for you folks to share your thoughts with me, either here or on social media. I mainly use Twitter over Instagram, but I do have both accounts.

Thanks for reading this post, and please feel free to give me your thoughts/ insights/ ideas,

Luv Bunny xx

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  1. Change is always for the better 🙂

  2. I have discovered that Ko-Fi is a great way of support. Patreon requires a subscription. Ko-Fi is direct. Just sign in and give the pledge.

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