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Privacy – a necessary luxury

This week’s Food 4 Thought prompt of privacy got me thinking. At home, where I’m mummy to a young curious child not a lot is private. We often resort to spelling words out during conversations where we don’t want her to know the full details.

I’ve also told her that she isn’t to go pulling stuff out in my wardrobe. She respects that, I think, and the only toy of mine she’s really seen is my Tango, which looks like a blue lipstick to her.

Online, I try to keep my real identity separate from my blogging persona as much as possible, hence my Luv Bunny alias. I chose the pen name Zoe Adams for my Kindle book, Explicit Theatrics. I can’t remember why, but I liked the backwards A-Z of the initials and the name had a good vibe to it.

I’m not aware of any secrets between my husband and I, he knows me pretty well; warts and all. I think I know him better than he knows himself. I’ve gone through enough therapy to get a good handle on psycho-analysing one’s feelings :0)

I do see the need to maintain certain boundaries though, and I don’t go questioning him about his past relationships before me. They pale into comparison to the 18 years that we’ve spent together. I’m secure, as is he, in that respect. Perhaps I’m more so, as I’d be prepared to open things up if he were willing. At the moment he’s not, so that remains an unopened Pandora’s Box.

Our lives are pretty routine on a day-to-day basis, so it’s not like we have to worry about being stalked by Paparazzi or fans. The only people who hassle us from time to time are the Jehovah’s Witnesses that knock on the door. But I soon get rid of them, without even showing them any of my bondage gear 😉

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  1. I suddenly got a vision of you in bondage gear and the look on the faces of the Jehovah witness! lol x

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