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Show Yourself Some Body Love

It is important for us to appreciate our own bodies; lumps, bumps, warts and all. Some brands have created body-positive marketing campaigns, for example, Dove. But in the adult industry it can be difficult sometimes to see that there is no ‘normal’ body; male or female. This article will hopefully encourage readers to ‘show yourself some body love.’

We all have body ‘hang-ups,’ whether we’re confident extroverts or shy introverts. Whenever we get naked in front of a partner, we think “do I look attractive enough?” These thoughts can be useful at times, in motivating us to change things we’re not quite happy with. Our diet and exercise regime frequently need checking, to improve our fitness, muscle tone and skin clarity. However, these thoughts can become more intrusive and in some cases, quite damaging.


As I’ve mentioned, the adult industry has a lot to answer for in creating stereotypes of designer bodies in a sexual context. Women have ‘neat, flesh-coloured labia that blend in with the rest of their skin tone and don’t protrude excessively. Men have well-endowed, substantially girthed penises that don’t have excessive foreskin or non-retractable foreskin (a condition known as phimosis). We are bombarded with these images in adult entertainment and media, as well as on social media platforms. This can create a great deal of anxiety in some women and men, particularly younger ones who are discovering their sexuality. Generally, they are also more likely to make comparisons with and among their peers.

In an age of image-consciousness, cosmetic ‘enhancements’ are becoming more common. In the adult industry this has led to increasing pressure for actresses to have surgery to appear more ‘attractive’ sexually. Procedures such as labiaplasty are being undergone. The consequences being that members of the general public are seeing these operations being touted as life-changing ‘super-cures.’ It seems like people are unable to accept that there is no ‘normal’ in terms of how we appear, whether sexually or otherwise. We all have unique anatomical differences, and our genitalia is no exception to this. Projects such as the Great Wall of Vagina are helping raise awareness that all of us are different; they empower us to embrace our uniqueness rather than trying to change our appearance to fit in with media-projected stereotypes. More work like this is needed to help us show ourselves ‘body love.’

Lose your ‘hang-ups’ to get close-up and personal

Next time you are about to undress in front of your partner, whether you’ve been with them a long or short time, don’t question whether your breasts will appear lopsided or asymmetrical. Forget about the curve in your penis. Never mind that your labia protrude; your partner will have more to play with! If you have a longer foreskin, fret not! Just cast your clothes and your body ‘hang-ups’ over the side of the bed, and focus on having fun together!


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