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The future of Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole

Hello! Yes, I’m still alive, despite the radio silence of the past couple of months. It’s that time of year when I will need to renew my Domain Name Registration for another year, along with the Privacy protection policy. I do plan to do these two things, as I want the site to remain accessible to people who have come to know it.

But my enthusiasm as a sex blogger has trailed off. In some ways, maybe I feel it limits me too much, as I have a virtually non-existent sex life. For this reason, among others, I’ve stepped away from the blog, as I was finding it quite daunting to maintain alongside working practically full-time and being mum to my energetic 7 year old!

My muscle memory for blogging is currently very rusty, so my brain is taking longer to process the steps I need to take to type and post content.

Mr Bunny and I have had our ups and downs. We attended a family party for his step-father’s 80th in the summer, and being quite introverted I felt out-of-place with 20 or so people I’ve not had much contact with in the 20 years Mr Bunny and I have been together. For most of the summer, I worked in my day job and was juggling ferrying my sproglet to the holiday club.

We had a family break at the end of August, which was much needed. I ended up working alone in my day job most of July and half of September due to colleagues being ill or on holiday.  Since my daughter went back to school, she has started Brownies. I now feel like Duggee from Hey Duggee, and have that Alexander Armstrong voiceover in my head telling the squirrels they have earnt their “sleepover badge.

After a term of no swimming lessons, we resorted to changing the day of the lesson to a Saturday so for the past few weekends we’ve been getting used to that also. So while it seems like the blog has been vacated, life has been going on full-steam.

I hope to post here a bit more when I can. Though I get that people may well have moved on from reading this blog. We all have busier lives than ever.

If you have any comments about the future of this blog though, please do feel free to share them below. Maybe it’s even time to fully re-brand it!

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  1. I completely understand the complex feelings around keeping a blog going when you feel life your life doesn’t perhaps line up with the original direction of the blog. At the end of the day though this is your space, it will work in whatever way you choose to present it to us.

    I think the important question is what do you want to write about? What do you want to share with us? Share what feels right for you and you can’t go wrong.

    Blogs are quiet at the moment, but people are reading them. Life has been a lot for all of us in various ways over the last few years and maybe it will take time for our blogs to gain traction again but they will if we provide the posts.

    I’ve personally decided to start all over again with a fresh blog. Which is possibly madness but it feels like the right choice for me. I hope you come to a decision that works for you too 🙂

    • I agree with Floss especially her first paragraph. They… I’m not quite sure who they are say a blog should grow with you, if you feel limited perhaps you could introduce new content that such as sex and relationships or sex in marriage, sexuality, or a broader sweep of all things sexual or kinky. this would allow you to explore new aspects of writing and would keep that accessibility for long term readers. Or just write like Floss says what you want to write about kinky sexual or not, a blog is a personal thing and I’ve always said it’s a space for you and your thoughts, and you’ll find it easier to write if your pleasing yourself rather than trying to please others. X

    • I agree with Floss, especially the first paragraph. They say a blog should grow with you…I’m not sure who they are…but if You feel limited by what your writing, try exploring subjects related to sex, be that relationships, kinks, different types of sexualities, sort of going from a sex blog to a sex and lifestyle blog. It would allow you to write about new things and still maintain the accessibility for current readers, without it seeming like your writing something that’s coming out of left field.
      A the end of the day though, it’s your blog, a space to be you, I’ve always said that, somewhere to write what you want to write about, whatever that may be X

    • Thanks for your feedback Floss, it’s much appreciated. Hope you’re having a good half-term and enjoying life with your loved ones. I must admit, my plans to rebrand have come to a halt because of half-term and Mr Bunny being away to support his step mum. But the idea is still there…

  2. To add to my previous reply, an idea could be ‘interviewing’ your favourite bloggers or friends and get their view on all things kinky, it would introduce your readers to new thoughts and aspects of sexuality they might not have heard before, and their answers could also help you discover new subjects or aspects to write about.

  3. As Floss says above, blogs have been quiet at the moment. It’s award season now, with lists like Molly’s getting nominations, and that’s when bloggers often tend to come back out of the wormwood. One of the positive things about this, of course, is that there’s a lot more content to read through the winter…

    Yours is one of the blogs I’ve kept checking during the silent period, and I’ve just (re)populated my blogroll with a load of those, even those that remain silent, because I felt that I needed to have more than five on it. Anyway…

    I’ve always been of the opinion that whatever you write is valid. Running a sex blog for so long, especially when you’re not having a lot of sex, isn’t the easiest thing to do. There’s a lot of labour involved, and then even when you do manage to post about something, you spend the next half an hour second-guessing yourself and wondering if what you’ve written is good enough.

    If you work out how to beat that feeling, let me know.

    But, however you choose to express yourself, I’ll always be pleased to read your words. I definitely have so far.

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