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dust on a wooden floor with a mop bucket

This week I’ve been cleaning up the dust. And pulling my hair out.

This week has been one from a nightmare. On Monday, our builder returned for the second time to try and do some remedial work on our dining floor, which had lifted in February. That was less than 6 months after it had been laid. He had already come on the weekend at the end of July when we went to Bath.

After a few days in the lovely city we’d lived in whilst studying, we arrived back home to a lot of dust. The floor was covered. I ended up on my hands and knees wiping it off with a cloth and soapy water. Not just once either. On that visit, they had done a token sanding of the top surface of the damaged levelling compound. It had cracked and gone powdery due to being too dilute. Completely their mistake, and a rather costly one.

We’d even had a technical specialist sent out on behalf of the lovely people at the flooring company. The specialist had told the builder what needed to be done; it all needed stripping to the mats containing the underfloor heating pipework. So imagine my annoyance on Monday, when the builders returned only to do another ‘token’ sanding. They then primed the surface with some green stuff that looks like Slimer from Ghostbuster’s puke.

Not only that, but I had yet more dust to clean up. And then I noticed the cracks. I sent pictures on to the flooring company. They responded that the builders had wasted our time. Yet again. I phoned the Technical Specialist and told him what the builders had done. He said they were trying to pull the wool over our eyes. I already knew that myself. After speaking with him, I called the lead builder and told him what the Specialist had said. He went quiet and said they’d be back to strip the floor later this week.

That is today. Friday. I asked Mr Bunny to stay home and watch them do the work this time. I’m beyond frustrated by it all now. I’ve been spending lots of energy writing emails to the flooring company, who are trying to help as much as they can. In all honesty, they think we ought to get the builder to strip the floor entirely downstairs. And start all over again. I felt sick when they said that. We cannot move ourselves out for a month or however long it takes them to strip and relay the floor. Our daughter is in school, so we cannot move in with family. They live too far away to commute daily.

Suffice to say, I’ve been feeling pretty down this week. Hence for my quietness here and on Twitter. This afternoon we’ve been watching the new levelling compound dry. I feel like I’m on tenterhooks waiting for cracks to show. The flooring company want us to sign a disclaimer in case the floor fails in the future. Hubby and I agree at least that the builder can sign that on our behalf. We have told him this, which he’s saying he’ll do.

In the meantime, please excuse my stompy feet on here and on Twitter. I’m feeling pretty wound up still. But I hope in a couple of years we will have a repaired floor that stays put as long as it’s meant to.

Thanks for stopping by, LB xx

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  1. How many negative emotions. But it would seem that this is just a floor. Let your troubles end as soon as possible and in the best possible way.

    • It may just be a floor. This is our home though, and I am at home a lot. In the grand scheme of things it may not seem much to an outsider. The works have been going on since early 2019 and there have been other factors too that have compounded the stressful situation. I really hope the remedial work is enough and that we can move on from our troubles.

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