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Royal Crescent, Bath

What Luv Bunny’s past two weeks have entailed – visiting Bath

What have I been up to this past fortnight, I hear you lovely people saying.

Mid-week snips and trips

On Tuesday 21st July, I had my first hair appointment since Lockdown began. I visited a stylist at her home, and the experience was very different from how it was in the past. I got my roots done as the silver threads were starting to spring up. In the past, this would have meant having my hair washed.

In this new-normal, I ended up rinsing out my hair over the lady’s bath. Then with her plastic visor on, she proceeded to tidy up my thick layers. At the end of the appointment, I had lovely straight hair. It stayed straight until I washed it a few days later, and with all the humidity in the air from our recent wet weather, it has now returned to its wavy unruly form.

I saw a friend at a Lavender farm in the afternoon. The lavender field inspired this short piece of erotica on my blog previously. We chose the 3-5 pm slot, and social distancing was easy enough. We were able to roam up and down the lanes of lavender in the field, chatting as we went.

Field of Lavender

Weekend in Bath

I spent most of Wednesday packing in preparation for our trip to Bath at the weekend. As usual, I packed too many clothes, and mostly inappropriate for the deluge that we were going to be submitted to on Saturday. Our 3 1/2 hour drive on Thursday was mostly motorway miles and we arrived about mid-afternoon. Our first night’s meal was in the hotel’s restaurant/ bar area. It seemed easiest after travelling most of the day. The meal was ok, but not much different from something we’d cook at home.

Since we were sharing a family room with our daughter, we had a very early night, which was a mistake, as neither of us slept well at all. There was a light in the car park outside our ground floor window that let an eery orange glow envelope the room. Before we woke up on Friday morning I asked if there was anything else keeping Mr Bunny awake. He told me that some issues at work with head-count were leaving him with a back-log of more mundane lab work to do, and I gave him my advice. I know he doesn’t like conflict, so I said to him, he needs to address the issue so he can get the help he needs and is supposed to have.

View of Bath Abbey from Roman Baths

We got up and took our daughter to the Roman Baths. She was very well-behaved, though I’m not sure she found it desperately interesting. We had audio guides, and they had a child’s version of some of the commentary, so she listened to some of that. I found one of the boards very amusing, as it refers to Anastasia Grey. Perhaps E L James took a visit to Bath before she wrote the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, 😉

The Spring at Bath's Roman Baths

Whilst in Bath we also looked around the Royal Crescent, Victoria Park and the shopping area. The reason we chose to go to Bath is because it’s the city where both Mr Bunny and I went to University, so it was our hope to inspire our daughter. Whether she goes to university or not when she’s older is entirely up to her, but I have fond memories from my time there.

Back to work after being furloughed.

In the past week, I had some health and safety training for work and did two shifts over the weekend. During the week, I finally submitted an entry to The Beckies, though I have no idea if it’ll get through or not. I’ve also been working on the other external piece I’m currently writing. My daughter had a sports activity session every morning, so I was mum-taxi and cheerleader from the sidelines on these days.

Aside from that, I’ve been loitering around just making the most of the summer while it’s here. Until next time, stay safe and well folks!

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