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How I use Crowdfire to promote my blog

When you have a busy schedule it can be hard to keep track of which blog posts you have shared recently. Especially if you are promoting them across multiple social media platforms. In this post, I share how I use Crowdfire to promote my blog content. I also explain how the app can act as a one-stop solution to streamline all your social media accounts, including

  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.
  • Facebook.
  • Pinterest.
  • LinkedIn.

The application is useful for connecting to your websites, whether they are hosted on WordPress or Blogger. Additionally, you can link Crowdfire up to your YouTube, Shopify, Etsy, Twich, Vimeo and 500PX accounts.

The MANAGE functionality helps you keep track of who is following you and who has stopped following you. You can see if you have inactive followers, helping you to update your contacts lists. You can create a Whitelist whereby contacts will be safely stored and not inadvertently unfollowed. Conversely, if you know of accounts that you wish to never ever follow then the Blacklist function can protect you.


Put it in your schedule

The SCHEDULED posts function enables you to copy and paste links, use hash tag (#) keywords and upload images to promote your content. This way you can remind readers of old blog posts. I like to include the tag #ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) for posts that are from my blog archives.

Moreover, you can target audiences across different time zones. To do this, simply customize the time that your scheduled post will go live on your chosen social media account.


Crowdfire can post straight away, at a custom time, or at the ‘Best Time.’ The latter can be predetermined by yourself, or based upon when your audience is most active (the default setting).

Another useful feature is the Queue Meter, which helps you maximise the potential to promote your content. You can set up a dozen posts (arbitrary number) to be loaded onto your Twitter timeline during the course of the day. You can also ask Crowdfire to alert you as to when you need to publish on other platforms. Instagram and Facebook won’t let Crowdfire automatically upload scheduled posts to them. However if you schedule a post to go onto Instagam, for example, you will be able to open the Instagram app from within Crowdfire. And then you’ll be able to copy your post or picture across and add a caption.

My social media ‘PA’

Personally, I find Crowdfire an essential tool as a blogger. I can use it whilst ‘on the go’ via the app on my mobile. It is also easy to use on my laptop. You can receive email reports of how many followers you have gained / lost over the week, and how many successive days you were able to schedule posts for. There is also the option to have ‘daily prescriptions,’ which include suggestions of content that you may want to like or share based on the keywords you have saved. There will be prompts to remind you to interact with a follower who may have liked or replied to one of your tweets. This way, if you were busy at the moment in time that they liked or replied, you will not be ignoring them, but just giving a delayed response. A response is better than no response!

All in all, Crowdfire is the social medial / video channel PA equivalent for bloggers!


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