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Ten terms that describe Sexual Attraction

I’m writing this post as it’s Pride month, and I wanted to take some time to re-educate myself on the differences between Sexual Attraction and Sexual Identity.

Since this is a complex topic, I’m breaking it down into a few shorter posts to make it more ‘bite-sized.’ The terms I am using I have discovered from a brief bit of research on the internet.

  1. Allosexual

This word describes those who experience sexual attraction. It is used to help normalise the experience of being asexual (see below) and provides a more specific ‘label’ to describe those who aren’t part of the asexual community.

2. Androsexual

Communicates a sexual or romantic attraction to men, males, or masculinity. This term intentionally includes attraction to those who identify as men, male, or masculine, regardless of biology, anatomy, or sex assigned at birth.

3. Asexual

Having an asexual identity/orientation includes individuals who do not experience sexual attraction to others of any gender. Known colloquially as “aces,” these people can and do experience romantic attraction to others.

4. Autosexual

Someone who is autosexual finds themselves sexually attractive. The act of masturbation doesn’t determine that an individual is autosexual. We all masturbate, right?

5. Cupiosexual

Cupiosexual describes asexual people who don’t experience sexual attraction per se but still have the desire to engage in sexual behaviour or a sexual relationship.

6. Demisexual

On the asexual spectrum, this sexual orientation describes individuals who experience sexual attraction only under specific circumstances, such as after building a romantic or emotional relationship with a person.

7. Gynesexual

This word communicates sexual or romantic attraction to women, females, or femininity. It intentionally includes attraction to those who identify as women, female, or feminine, regardless of biology, anatomy, or the sex assigned at birth.

8. Omnisexual

Similar to ‘pansexual’ and can be used to describe individuals whose sexuality isn’t limited to people of a particular gender, sex, or sexual orientation.

9. Polysexual

Describes individuals with a sexual orientation that involves sexual or romantic attraction to people of varying genders. Polysexual orientations include bisexuality, pansexuality, omnisexuality, and queer, among many others.

10. Pomosexual

A term (not necessarily an identity) used to refer to those who reject sexuality labels or don’t identify with any of them.

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