Orange Silicone Flickering tongue style vibrator, Fun Factory Volta packaging

Fun Factory Volta

I received the Fun Factory Volta from Lovehoney in exchange for this review. I put my hand up to test it since my recent reviews have described suction toys and rabbits. Hence I felt keen to try a clitoral vibrator. Fun Factory’s Volta comes in either hot pink or neon orange.  I am reviewing the orange, which has since been discontinued at Lovehoney. A shame, as I really like the colour. It’s so bright and cheery! The Volta retails for £99.99. Read the following review to find out if it justifies a few nickers short of a ‘ton!’

General information

The Fun Factory Volta is suitable for clitoral use predominantly, though it can be used vaginally. Alternatively, it can be a nipple stimulator. Definitely do not use the Volta for anal play. I think it would be really awkward to insert in any case, not that I made any attempt to do so. Not only that, but you really do not want to risk it being sucked up by the anal sphincter!

The vibrating tongue of the Fun Factory Volta is made of medical-standard silicone. It is pretty draggy, like the other Fun Factory toys I have. During use, it is best to use a water-based lubricant, for greater comfort on the sensitive clitoral / labial areas.

Orange Silicone Flickering tongue style vibrator, (Fun Factory Volta) on display inside its original packaging
The Volta in its attractive gold and red Fun Factory box



The magnetic click and charge cable is really easy to use, simply attach it to the magnetic pins, and insert the USB end into a suitable mains adaptor or computer. Note that mains charging is more efficient. Do not use the Fun Factory Volta whilst it is charging, (no shit Sherlock)!

When the minus ‘-‘ button has a blinking light, the battery is at 0-33%. The plus ‘+’ button has a blinking light whilst the Volta has 33-66% charge.  At 66%- full power, the ‘FUN’ button will have a blinking light. This feature is really useful for seeing how much charge is remaining. A full charge can take a maximum 8 hours. The ‘standby time’ for the battery when not in use for a prolonged period, is three months. The Volta will then need a recharge.


Orange Silicone Flickering tongue style vibrator, (Fun Factory Volta) connected to magnetic charging lead
Ergonomic handling makes the Volta easy to enjoy!

Functions of the Fun Factory Volta; (Intensities and rhythms)

The Volta has a travel-lock feature, to prevent it being switched on in transit. To deactivate, simply press and hold the + and FUN buttons together for a second.

There are 6 intensity settings on the Fun Factory Volta. To switch on, hold the FUN button for a second.  The Volta will start on its third intensity setting. I find this a bit strange, as you would expect it to start on the lowest intensity. Pressing the + button proceeds through the 6 settings, which increase in speed. To decrease the intensity at any time, press the – button.

Orange Silicone Flickering tongue style vibrator, (Fun Factory Volta) intensities as displayed in instruction manual
How to proceed through the six intensity settings


Once you reach the highest (sixth) intensity, if you press the + button again, you will progress onto the first ‘rhythm’ pattern. There are 6 rhythms. The first three are oscillating ‘waves,’ in increasing tempo. Rhythyms 4, 5 and 6 are variations in ‘pulsating waves’.  Rhythm 6 looks like it may be similar to the Roller Ball rhythm of the Stronic Drei; in any case the graphical representation looks virtually the same.

Similarly as for the intensity settings, repeated pressing of the + button goes up through the rhythm settings. Pressing the – button takes you backwards through them.


Orange Silicone Flickering tongue style vibrator, (Fun Factory Volta) rhythms as displayed in instruction manual
The Volta’s Rhythm patterns


Danger! Danger! High Volta(ge)!

Yes, I know it’s cheesy, but I love that Electric Six track, and thought the Volta warranted a reference to it! This is a powerful toy after all! The handle is ergonomically designed, so it facilitates a comfortable grip during use, and the buttons are a doddle to use. It is a well-designed toy, that has a lot of thought behind both its mode of action and its usability.

Volta’s tongue does indeed flicker. Intensities range from ‘melodic’ lapping, to furious tongue ‘twerking’. There are plenty of intensities and rhythms to suit whatever mood you may be in. The fact that you can go back through the settings means you can tease yourself, (or your partner, in the case you are using the Volta on them). The explosive outcome can be prolonged as long as you can stand, or as long as you wish to tease your partner.

I enjoy using it around my clitoral hood and inner labia, and the tips of the dual tongue envelope my clitoris perfectly, giving it pleasurable vibrating ‘flicks.’ Mr Bunny likes using the Fun Factory Volta  around the head of his penis. He says it feels like a ‘fluttery tongue blow-job.’ In this respect the Volta can be enjoyed by both clitoris- and penis-owners.


Final thoughts and where to buy

The Fun Factory Volta is a vibrant and well-engineered toy that has plenty of settings and is pleasant to handle. It may be pricey, but I think it justifies this. There are plenty of other higher-budget toys that are not necessarily worth the price-tag. But I have to say, Fun Factory gets it mostly right with the Volta. My only gripes are the strange start-up on the third intensity, and the lack of a storage bag. Overall, the Volta delivers where it needs to. And the fact that Mr Bunny likes it too is a bonus!

In the UK, Lovehoney sell the pink or black version of the Fun Factory Volta for £99.99.

Fun Factory Volta

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The Fun Factory Volta was exchanged free of charge in return for this review. This in no way influences my opinion, which is entirely my own. Thank you Lovehoney for providing the Fun Factory Volta for testing. Affiliate links have been used in this review. Should you wish to make a purchase, please consider using one of the links or clicking on one of the banners. It won’t cost you any extra, and will help me to keep this blog running. Please remember to clear your cookies if necessary. Thank you. xx

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  1. Greatly appreciate your review, even though they gave you one for free. I have been debating and wanting this one for several weeks now. I thought the color was red and nice to know it won’t be red but orange. I recently purchased a ClExotics Ember. The Ember out of all the Vibrators tried, (very new to vibrators and in my 50s) was the only one which caused me to have my first Orgasm ever in life. So, flickering is the only way I am able apparently to orgasm and it must be intense in order for this to happen, so the first level and/or mild won’t do it for me. I can hardly wait to receive this one and the fact LoveHoney is going to at some point discontinue the color I am getting makes it even better. This is my early birthday present, official entry into solo intimate exploration. Thank you once again for providing an honest and seeming thorough review which gives you opinion of it. I am looking forward to seeing how it works. Also, believe I agree with you on the fact it is over $100 and at that price point, it really should come with a toy satchel or drawstring satin bag. Like you, I have a couple of alternative places to keep it in safe and if it is half as good as your review professes, I only intend to be without it the time it takes to charge it for use.

    • Thank you Carolyn for your lovely message. I did get the Volta for free though I have bought many products from Lovehoney over the past 4.5 years, and have added over 150 reviews to their UK website. It is great to hear you are getting the Fun Factory Volta too. I really do enjoy using it, and clitoral stimulation is a prerequisite for me to orgasm. If you like powerful vibrations perhaps the Doxy may work for you? It doesn’t flicker but it is very rumbly and powerful. Rumbly vibrations are definitely better than shallow ‘buzzy’ vibrations. The clitoris is much bigger than it appears so deeper vibrations mean more satisfaction.
      Please return and read any of my posts, it’s fantastic to get feedback from readers 😀 Thank you! xx

      • Aissatou Sunjata

        I contacted The Fun Factory USA and the one in Europe/Germany and both confirmed there is no setting to save your programs enjoyed. Therefore, the fact it cuts off when you press the button is what it is supposed to do. There is no way to save your favorite setting (s) other than to recall it and when you press the FUN button to find it over and over again. Now, that can be repeatedly a lot of FUN!

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