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Nexus Rabbit attachment

Review of the Nexus Rabbit attachment for Doxy Number 3

Since owning my Doxy Number 3, I’ve been intrigued as to the attachments available. Doxy have teamed up with Nexus to craft the following attachments, which all retail directly from Doxy:

• Prostate Stimulator.
Rabbit vibrator.
• Clitoral Stimulator.
• Masturbator sleeve.

Each of these attachments is £29.99, and they are made of body-safe hypo-allergenic silicone. Moreover, they screw directly onto the head of the Doxy Number 3, so there’s no having to worry if you’ve measured the wand’s head correctly! Nor will there be the potential for any slippage or loss of power through the attachment like with other wand systems.

So far so good, right? I think so! 😊 After chatting with William from Doxy, they kindly agreed to send me the rabbit vibrator attachment. They know what I like; great stuff!

Packaging for the Nexus Rabbit Attachment

The Nexus Rabbit Vibrator attachment comes packaged in a grey cardboard box, with a plastic moulded insert to contain the rabbit. It’s minimalistic and that’s fine. Interestingly, there’s a typographical error on the front of the box, where it says “compitible with” instead of saying “compatible with.” Not a big deal, but as an eagle-eyed data-checking scientist in a previous life, this stuck out at me.

Nexus Rabbit attachment

I also noticed, that the box is sealed at the top, but there are no sticky ‘whatsits’ on the base of the box. Who cares? Maybe this won’t bother most people. But for those who care about such details, it’s just something I noticed. I will say, this is not something I’ve only come across with this one product. I have noticed it for a few items I’ve reviewed. I’m now just being pickier about these details. ;p

Taking the Rabbit attachment out of the box, I can feel straight away that it is a satin-feel silicone. No drag, and no seams, so that’s a big yay from me. But oh, my days, this ‘black wabbit’ attracts the lint! So it will need storing in a case or satin pouch to keep it clean.

Fitting the rabbit to the Doxy Number 3 is easy, just unscrew the regular silicone head off the wand, and screw this one on.

Run Rabbit, Run!

If you’ve read the review I wrote for the Doxy Number 3, you will know it has power. Plenty of it! This attachment differs from a lot of conventional rabbits in that it has a single clitoral arm, rather than ears. I find the arm long enough to reach my clitoris, whilst the shaft is in my vagina. Good stuff there. There are no annoying patterns to scroll through, I can just put on the Doxy’s continuous vibrations and increase or decrease as I please with those big user-friendly buttons.

Nexus Rabbit attachment
Comparison of the Tracey Cox Supersex Rabbit Vibrator with traditional “ears” (top) alongside the Nexus Rabbit attachment for the Doxy Number 3. Note the curvier shaft of the Nexus attachment!


As for the G-spot targeting, you will hopefully see from the pictures that there is a bump near the tip of the shaft. That sits right where I want it when it’s in my vagina. The main issue I have, being a short person with proportional-length limbs, is that I need to hold the Doxy at the base of the attachment, as it’s a bit of a stretch to hold the main shaft. This isn’t an issue so much if you wish to indulge in play with a partner since they can hold the wand for you and you can thrust to your heart’s content. Which will make an awesome show for them, I will add! 😉

Nexus Rabbit attachment
Yes, there’s that bump!


How do I rate the Nexus Rabbit Attachment?

So what else can I say about the Nexus Rabbit attachment? It’s solid, and it hits the spots I want it to.

I fully appreciate it is not cheap buying a Doxy Number 3 along with this attachment. But unlike with some less-expensive toys, the Doxy has quality and substance. So you’ll hopefully only have to buy this and then you’re done! Unless like me you enjoy trying lots of different rabbits just for the fun of it! I give the attachment 4 /5 stars overall. It would have been a 5-star review, though I’ve deducted one star for the noise levels of the Doxy Number 3, combined with the expense.

Nexus Rabbit Attachment

Orgasm Rating
Noise Level
Value for money

A great attachment to get even more pleasure from your Doxy Number 3.

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Not quite sure if the Nexus Rabbit Attachment is for you? Don’t own a Doxy Number 3? Never fear, I have a review for a conventional rabbit style vibrator here! 

I’d like to thank William at Doxy for sending me the Nexus Rabbit Attachment. What you read is my own opinion. Affiliate links are included in this review, and by clicking on them you will help me earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you xx 


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