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Rechargeable white Silicone rabbit vibrator with clitoral suction, from Satisfyer. view of front, with illuminated power button.

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

Satisfyer has a pretty cool range of air pulse technology suction toys, several of which I have written about here. Now they’ve expanded their range to include the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot rabbit. Offering suction over the clitoris along with a tapering shaft that vibrates and is designed to target the G-Spot, the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot rabbit has the potential for amazing blended orgasms.  Will it live up to its ‘Pro’ promise and deliver combined clitoral and vaginal stimulation? Read more to find out!

Packaging and first impressions

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit comes in a box, with an instruction manual, and a magnetic charging cable that has a USB plug at the other end. Like the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, Satisfyer’s rabbit is made of sleek white silicone. The only accent of rose gold is in the trim of the suction cup that forms the clitoral contact, along with the button on the shaft that controls the vibration settings. On the back of the shaft, Satisfyer is etched into the silicone, and below sit the magnetic contact pins for charging.

The clitoral arm is fixed, and the suction cup is angled slightly. There is some degree of flexibility in the shaft which can be bent back. This may be a necessary feature, as no two people with clitorises will have the same distance between the external clitoral hood and vaginal entrance.  I am pleased by the sleek contours of the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot rabbit’s shaft, which tapers at the end. There are no seams for lube or bodily fluids to become trapped in.

Charging and operating the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

It takes about 3h to fully charge the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit, and the magnetic pins attach to the contacts on the charging cable securely. During charging, a white LED light flashes. Once the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot rabbit is fully charged, the LED remains illuminated. The suction cup air pulse technology is switched on by pressing and holding the white button with four waves. Repeated pressing of this button increases the intensity of the air pulses, up through 11 settings (as for the other Satisfyer models.) To decrease the intensity, simply press the white button with 2 waves, until you reach the level you desire.

The vibrations in the shaft are operated by the rose gold button that has the ~ symbol. There are 10 settings which can be best described as follows:

  1. Continuous low-frequency vibrations.
  2. Continuous mid frequency vibrations.
  3. High-frequency continuous vibrations.
  4. Fast pulsing vibrations.
  5. Five fast pulses, a pause and then repeated.
  6. Decreasing frequency wave, followed by increasing frequency wave, repeated.
  7. Ramping continuous vibrations from lower frequency through to higher, then repeated.
  8. Six slow pulses, followed by six intermediate pulses then 18 fast pulses, repeated.
  9. Ten slow pulses followed by a low-frequency rumble then repeated.
  10. Another wave (a bit like pattern 6).

Can the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot rabbit multitask like a Pro?

The first couple of times I tried the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot rabbit, I found it a bit awkward getting the suction cup of the clitoral arm in the correct place. Once there, it was fine, and I happily ramped the suction up to the higher end of the intensity settings, as I’m prone to doing. The shaft is a nice length to stimulate my front wall, and the vibrations are reasonably powerful though I did find them a bit more buzzy than rumbly. The patterns I don’t tend to bother with. I just use the first three settings with continuous vibrations mainly.

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit is one of those toys that likes to make me work for the end result. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; good things come to those who wait after all! If you’ve already tried a suction-based toy, enjoy the sensations and are looking for a toy that offers both suction and penetration, the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot rabbit could work for you. I say could because I cannot guarantee it, just like I cannot guarantee we will actually have a summer this year (oh Mother Nature, please let us have a summer; this January rain is so miserable!). A point to note is that the silicone is quite draggy, so if you are not used to G-spot vibrators (which tend to be a bit girthier than non-G-spot ones, you will need water-based lubricant if you don’t have sufficient natural lubricant.

Final thoughts and where to buy

Overall I’ve enjoyed using the Satisfyer G-Spot Rabbit. The controls are simple to use, it charges and maintains charge well. Lastly, it does deliver blended orgasms for me personally, though I appreciate the fixed arm may not suit all anatomies.

You can purchase your very own Satisfyer G Spot Rabbit from Bondara for £53.99.

Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit

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The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot rabbit was offered to me by Satisfyer in exchange for my honest opinion. What you read here are my own thoughts. Thank you to Sally at Satisfyer for the opportunity to test for them. I use affiliate links in this post. If you use them to purchase the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit, you will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. This will help me to keep running the blog. Thank you xx

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