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Satisfyer Vibes Flower Power Review

Guest review from HotpantsLH

Since I already own the Fun Factory Volta, and the Satisfyer Vibes Flower Power seemed really similar, I decided to offer up the Satisfyer Flower Power to a good friend from Twitter. Her first impressions were that the Flower Power was reminiscent of Seymour from The Little Shop of Horrors, which made me smile.

Features of the Satisfyer Vibes Flower Power

The Flower Power has an ergonomic handle made of ABS plastic, with the controls mounted inside at the front. As you hold the Flower Power, the button closest to the petals scrolls back through the 12 vibrating functions. There are 6 continuous vibration settings at varying intensities, followed by 6 patterns. The central button switches the vibrator on and off. A third button (closest to the magnetic charging pins) cycles forward through the settings.

There are two motors in the shaft of the Flower Power, and the silicone is smooth to the touch. Due to its IPX7 rating, the Flower Power is also fully waterproof, so that it can be played with in the shower or bath. That will help with quick cleaning, should you like to play then go.

A full charge from flat takes about 3 hours, and the LED backlight flashes whilst the Flower Power is getting its power-up. Battery life is about 50 minutes, which is a pretty decent length of time.

Seymour (as he has become affectionately known) can be used internally or externally. As HotpantsLH enjoys clitoral stimulation, this was the way she tested the Flower Power.

Using the Satisfyer Vibes Flower Power

On the first test run, HotpantsLH found the Flower Power only took an hour to charge. This meant she could get to playing with it quickly. Alas, the initial contact between her vulva and ‘Seymour’ was somewhat lacklustre, as she could not achieve orgasm. Her initial feeling was that the flower petals needed to be closer together to give sufficient stimulation.

Subsequent runs were insightful. Firstly, HotpantsLH found the Satisfyer Vibes Flower Power provided beautifully tingly sensations around her labia. Secondly, she found it stimulating to her urethra. This point perplexed my friend, as she wondered whether she “may be a freak for playing with her wee hole.” That most certainly does not make her a freak, in my opinion, I mean pleasure is pleasure after all, and there’s no wrong or right way to use a toy (unless it leads to a trip to A&E).

It seems like the Flower Power does offer decent vibrations around the clitoris, though the spacing of the petal prongs makes achieving orgasm difficult. There was a happy end to this review, as eventually, HotpantsLH had what she called one of the best wanks ever. It did involve pressing the prongs hard against her clitoris though!

In terms of using the Flower Power, my friend found the controls easy to operate, and charging was simple. The main settings she used it on were the fourth, fifth and sixth intensity consistent vibrations.

Where to buy

The Flower Power is available for £39.99 directly from Bondara.


The opinions in this review are unbiased and are HotpantsLH own. Affiliate links are included in this post. By using them, you will help me earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you to Satisfyer for providing the Flower Power in exchange for this review, and many thanks to HotpantsLH for her feedback.

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