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Satisfyer Vibes Petting Hippo Review

The rather quirky pink Petting Hippo is the latest G-spot targeting vibrator from Satisfyer, and is one of their new Vibes range of products.

First Impressions

On opening the box, I found the Petting Hippo to have a fairly pronounced snout. The angling seemed appropriate to make contact with the inner front wall of my vagina. An instruction leaflet contains images that are easy to understand. A scale image of the Petting Hippo is shown on one side of the cardboard box. It measures 9 inches long from the base of the handle to the tip of the snout.

Satisfyer Vibes Hippo_packaging

Charging the Petting Hippo was necessary prior to its initial testing. This took about 2 hours as it already had some power. A full charge routinely takes 3 and a half hours. An LED light behind the power button flashes whilst powering up. This will remain illuminated once the battery is at full charge. Playtime duration before a recharge is necessary is approximately 50 minutes. I suspect if you use the Hippo on its higher intensity settings, this may be reduced somewhat. The magnetic pins of the charging lead remain secure against the contacts. These are at the base of the white ABS plastic handle, below the operational buttons. The USB end can be plugged into a wall adaptor for mains charging.

Features of the Petting Hippo

This vibrator boasts 2 powerful motors, that distribute the vibrations through the shaft and the tip. There are 12 vibration settings; the first 6 of these are constant vibrations that increase in frequency. After the series of incremental continuous vibrations are 6 pattern functions. In all honesty, patterns really do not do it for me. I find them distracting and off-putting.

For the purposes of this review, I cycled through the first six settings. The central power button needs to be pressed for 2 seconds to turn the Petting Hippo on. Whilst you are holding the handle, the button closest to your body goes back through the settings, like pressing rewind. If you want to proceed forward through the functions, then simply press the other button.

Like with the other Satisfyer vibes products, (including the Magic Bunny and Flower Power), the Petting Hippo is IPX7 rated. Happy days if you want to take your new friend in the shower or bath! This is not something I tend to do, as silicone toys require water-based lubricant. Hence you see my issue here; you’d be forever reapplying lubricant. This isn’t ideal, especially with a toy that is going to need some coaxing in.

Satisfyer Vibes Hippo_length

Petting time

With some warm up from a clitoral toy, and the addition of lubricant I could ease the Petting Hippo’s snout in. The vibrations do feel rumbly as opposed to buzzy. I think the range between the lowest intensity and highest intensity is noticeable.

Personally, I find the first three frequencies a bit weak, so I prefer to use the three higher intensity ones. Thrusting the Petting Hippo gives the optimal sensation of contact with my G-spot, which the handle facilitates well.

I’m a bit non-plussed about the three curves on the shaft of the Hippo. They supposedly provide stimulation, but for me, they don’t. I simply cannot physically fit anymore of the shaft in once I get to the first curve!

Overall, if you like reasonable girth and G-spot stimulation then the Satisfyer Vibes Petting Hippo could be a winner for you. 

Buy your petting hippo from Satisfyer.

No affiliate links are included in this post. What you read is my genuine opinion. This product was received free of charge from Satisfyer. Many thanks to Sally for the opportunity. 


Tantus 100% Premium silicone

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