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White silicone rechargeable Tenga Smart Vibe Ring

Tenga Smart Vibe Ring

I was lucky enough to win the Tenga Smart Vibe Ring in a Twitter competition at Christmas. It is the first rechargeable silicone cock-ring I have tested. Another novelty is the fact I have finally got to test something by Tenga. They are not a company I have encountered before now, as Mr Bunny does not tend to use masturbators. I will keep encouraging him to, as I think he may enjoy them!

The Smart Vibe Ring I received is the pearl white version (it also comes in black and carmine). It is packaged in a little white box with outer sleeve. Inside the box, the Smart Vibe Ring sits neatly in its black plastic travel case. Also included are an instruction booklet, and USB charging lead. The charging lead helpfully says Tenga on the USB end, so you won’t need to worry misplacing it in the event you toss all your recharging cables in the same bag / drawer!

To charge the Tenga Smart Vibe Ring, you simply insert the end with the triangle symbol pointing up, into the port on the side of the ring’s body. The USB end goes into a PC / Laptop or a suitable wall adaptor. A little light next to the power button will illuminate. When fully charged, this light will go out. Charging takes approximately 90 minutes. A full charge is recommended every 6 months to maintain the battery’s life.

Using the Tenga Smart Vibe Ring

You can use the Tenga Smart Vibe ring in one of two ways; it can be worn around the base of the penis (or strap-on) to enjoy coupled stimulation. Alternatively, you can loop the Smart Vibe Ring around your fingers to use it as a hand-held stimulator. The internal diameter of the ring measures 31-mm, and the silicone is reasonably stretchy. Just don’t treat it like Stretch Armstrong though, or it will be rendered ineffective, as it won’t ping back to its original size!

To switch on the Smart Vibe Ring, simply press and hold the power button for a second. There are five continuous vibration settings (V1-V5) which you can cycle through by continually pressing the power button. Then come the vibrating rhythm patterns;  R1 and R2. The first is a high frequency fast pulse. R2 is an oscillating style low-high-low frequency wave pattern. I like that Tenga have focussed on continuous vibrations rather than patterns.

The vibrations themselves are buzzier rather than rumbly. If I hold it against my nose and compare it to the We-Vibe Tango for instance, I will feel vibrations all through my nose with the Tango when it is on a comparative frequency. The Smart Vibe Ring vibrations, meanwhile will remain focussed on the tip of my nose.  As a consequence, this will mean that higher frequency vibrations of the Smart Vibe Ring will not necessarily produce a more orgasmic effect for me.

Mr Bunny finds the ring a good fit around his penis, and during intercourse it helps maintain his erection. A bonus for me! I get the benefit of clitoral stimulation, with a bit of hands on manipulation ensuring the body of the Smart Vibe Ring maintains contact with my vulva.

Cleaning and maintenance of the Tenga Smart Vibe Ring

The Smart Vibe Ring has an anti-dust coating, which is great since some silicone toys can be lint magnets. I tend to use antibacterial sex toy wipes with the Smart Vibe Ring, as they’re quick and handy. Alternatively you can use a mild soap and water. The Smart Vibe Ring is waterproof up to a depth of 50cm. The plastic storage case is useful to keep the ring in when it is not being used. It will protect the charging port from gathering dust etc.

You can use water-based lubricants with the Smart Vibe Ring but be sure not to use any massage oils or silicone lubricants as these could damage the silicone and render your Smart Vibe Ring useless. There is a 3-month product warranty included with the Smart Vibe Ring.

Final thoughts

I like the Tenga Smart Vibe Ring, as it has a neat streamline design. It’s not too fussy, and it has a good range of settings. The single button functionality makes it easy to use, and there’s no need to keep buying pesky little batteries. It’s comfortable to wear, and whilst it may not produce rumbly vibrations, it will help me reach climax in positions that incorporate the Coital Alignment Technique.

Where to buy

The Tenga Smart Vibe ring is available in black for £62.99 from Lovehoney UK.

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Tenga Smart Vibe Ring

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