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Following on from my Sexy Summer Auction, which sold a couple of items I thought I’d try something different. I’m looking for UK-based adult product fans to take some stuff off my hands in return for a small postage fee. Should you wish to write me a guest review of the item, feel free. If you really don’t want to, hey, it’s no biggie.

This is purely because I have stuff sitting in a box in my cupboard, and I really don’t like waste. The items I have to offer here are within date (where applicable), and sealed.

The items

  • Lelo Hex condoms, pack of 3 (£1.50 P&P). Claimed!
  • So Divine Need You Tonight Vibrating Bullet (£1.50 P&P).  Claimed!
  • Doc Johnson Power+ Delay Cream sample (£1.00 P&P).
  • Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games (£3.50 P&P).


If you’d like any of the above, please contact me via email at RABBITLOVERSL812@GMAIL.COM

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I will need your address (UK only) and a small fee (as specified beside each item), payable to the below PayPal account to cover postage. You also need to be over 18, 😉


This is on a first-come, first-served basis. I take no responsibility for items damaged in transit, nor do I take responsibility for your dissatisfaction with an item.

Thanks for your help, folks!


So Divine Need You Tonight Vibrating Bullet – written by @completechimp

Being male means that when I buy my lady a sex toy I go big. I’m talking large floppy dildos and rabbits with more moving parts and probes than should legally be allowed. After all, what woman doesn’t like that? So when I was offered this bullet for review it was a step into the unknown.

The So Divine Need You Tonight bullet came packaged in a small box and plastic insert. This is pretty standard for most non-premium toys, but the bullet itself feels of sound quality. It’s solid, weighty and has a nice finish to it.

To switch the bullet on or off, there is a simple push button at the end and the motor has a single speed. After years of enduring the glint in my eye as I wave a big toy at her, it turns out that this little fella is what my lady needs. The single speed is powerful enough that she was groaning in pleasure fairly quickly. I enjoyed watching her writhe around whilst clamping the bullet to her clitoris!

“It did the job,”

my lady so eloquently declared, 😉

Being an equal opportunity reviewer, I wanted to see if this could be used on a man too. So, the bullet (still wet from her use) was now held against my penis. I highly recommend this as an alternative way for a guy to masturbate. No stroking or massaging is needed, just hold the toy near the tip of the penis against “the banjo string.”

Doing this the bullet worked a treat, powerful vibrations shuddered down my shaft and brought me to orgasm with no other intervention needed. Job’s a good ‘un.

The bullet is a little louder than I anticipated if I’m honest probably due to the power of the motor. That being said, it’s not of a volume that would alert someone next door. It’s also 100% waterproof so can be used in the bath or shower. Sadly, according to my lady, it doesn’t mean we can take it to the gym and use it in the jacuzzi or steam room which I think is just mean. 🙁


Thank you @completechimp for the review! Affiliate links have been included in this post. 

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