We-Vibe Tango

Normally it takes two

The We-Vibe Tango is my first toy from the manufacturer. I must admit, I have been scared off the ‘app’-associated partner toys sold by the company in light of the news that personal data had been hacked. The Tango, however, has no need for an app. It’s a simple bullet in the timeless ‘lipstick’ design. Discreet enough for a handbag, but powerful with it. A rumblier version of those cheaper battery operated bullets (BoBs, I shall call them).

I purchased my Tango from 4Playsure. They had a ‘hump’ week offer at the start of June, and I was tempted to join my fellow peers who had been Tango’ed! I opted for the bright blue colour, as it is less ‘girlie’ than the shocking pink version. Blue is a colour that is starting to become more popular in sex toy circles, and I am glad, as I love the colour. My Tango came packaged in a simple understated white / blue cardboard box. Within the box are the Tango (nestled in a foam insert), charging dock and USB cable, instruction booklet, warranty card and white satin pouch.

A dance with my new Tango awaits!

The information on the back of the box states that it is:

  • 100% waterproof
  • whisper quiet
  • body safe

Furthermore, the Tango has 8 modes, 4 of which are continuous vibrations (the remaining 4 being patterns). It also has a low-power alert. Useful, so you don’t get too carried away, only to wind up frustrated. The Tango by We-Vibe has a flattened surface at the tip, for broader stimulation on erogenous zones, whilst the tapered tip and edges can provide more pinpoint vibrations.

Charging the Tango

This part of using my Tango is my least favourite…Sadly, I seem to encounter the issue of the magnetic connection slipping. Luckily, there is an orange light to let you know the toy is charging. Periodically, during charging, the toy will move ever so slightly off the base, making the light go out. Frustrating when you go to switch the Tango on, only to find it has a dozy ‘wasp’ buzz, rather than a killer bee ‘rumble!’ Normal charging takes about 90 minutes.

That orange light is so useful!

When the battery is low, a light will flash alerting you that recharging is necessary. If using your laptop / computer to charge, it is important to note that charging will not take place if the computer has gone into hibernation mode. Once fully charged, the Tango will vibrate for 2 hours of play time. Not that you’ll need 2 hours to climax with this powerful bullet!

Using the We-Vibe Tango

The Tango is made of ABS thermoplastic. Apart from the We-vibe and Tango logos moulded around its base, it is completely smooth on the surface. This means you do not need too much (if any) lubricant. The control button is a small raised bump on the Tango’s base, located between the two magnetic charging pins. To switch on, simply press and hold the button for two seconds. The Tango has a memory function, so on switching on, it will go to the last setting it was using.

There are 8 modes, as mentioned previously, depicted in the lealet by little wave charts. The four continuous vibration settings are first; low, medium, high and ultra-high. These are proceeded by the pattern settings; wave, pulse, tease and cha-cha. Just switching on the blue bullet, I can tell from the fuzzy reverberations going off in my hand, that it promises great sensations. As for whisper quiet…I’ve yet to find a toy that is truly ‘whisper quiet,’ but then a whisper can sometimes be quite loud! I find the noise from the Tango to be acceptable. But I’m not in an exceptionally busy household.

I may own my new Tango…but will it own my orgasms?

Strictly Cum Dancing

Parting my sensitive labia and applying the tip of the Tango to my clitoris tells me that I won’t be the one controlling my climactic release. Just like the partnered dance, the Tango builds up its intensity, and pulls me along the tumultuous tide of lust. I am thrown over the edge of my orgasmic precipice and shatter into the blissful rapture of release. Just like the female is ceremoniously dragged along to her fate in the syncopated steps eseof the dance.

Yes, I have milked the metaphor as much as I can, but I really do feel the Tango deserves the merit I offer it. It is my favourite bullet / mini vibe. I will forgive it the problematic charging, for its orgasmic capability. If you are looking to purchase a bullet, splash the cash and get something that will deliver. The Tango certainly does!

Purchase your own Tango


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Motörhead Bullet Vibrators

I was lucky enough to receive both of these bullets as gifts from two Lovehoney forum friends. I’ve had the Ace of Spades bullet since October 2015, and I received the Overkill bullet in August 2016. The two bullets are fairly similar in terms of functionality, but the obvious difference is their aesthetic appearance. With the passing of Motörhead’s frontman, Lemmy in December 2015, the Motörhead range of sex toys will be classic memorabilia for any die-hard fans. There are 2 bullets, 2 classic vibrators, 2 Bomber Rock Hard glass dildos, as well as a war pig wand vibrator.

These bullets appeal to my inner ‘rock chick’
Ace of Spades 10 Function Pleasure Bullet

The packaging is a black sealed card packet with clear plastic window. The Motörhead logo and Ace of Spades motifs are emblazoned in white, over the black background – very heavy rock! It was a bit of a beast of packaging to get into! Taking as much care as I could muster in my excitement, I managed to preserve it without too much damage. It is useful for storing the bullet.

The bullet is a nice sleek black beauty, measuring 3 1/2 inches. Motörhead and the slogan ‘Born to lose’ are embossed in silver on either side. The Ace of Spades motif is on the front of the base. It’s easy to get the bullet up and running. Simply untwist the base, insert the AAA battery, replace the base, and press the button.

The three continuous vibration settings (at increasing speeds) are my preference over the seven patterns. It’s nice to start slow, to get warmed up, whilst running the bullet tip over my clitoris, clitoral hood and inner labia. As the excitement builds, I whack it up a notch to the second speed. As I’m about to orgasm, I hit ‘overdrive’ and crank on the top speed to send me rocking over the edge, with a clash of cymbals for good measure!

After orgasm, I find the stimulation a bit much at times. The plastic material can be a bit harsh on sensitive skin. Other than that, it’s a fun little bedtime companion for when I want it ‘hard and fast’ on my own, or with my other half penetrating me as well.

Overkill 10 Function Pleasure Bullet

Packaging for the Overkill bullet is similar to the Ace of Spades bullet, except the Snaggletooth fanged skull is featured on both the black card packet, and the base of the bullet.

The silver ABS plastic is super shiny, and the bullet is extremely smooth. It has slightly less drag than the Ace of Spades matte plastic, making it the more comfortable to use. Both bullets need their base to be firmly tightened to ensure the contacts connect the battery properly. They are waterproof, having a rubber seal around the screw fitting of the battery compartment. Despite only taking a single AAA battery the power of the vibrations is surprisingly strong. The bullets are discrete enough to slip into a pocket or handbag for those times when you need a quick ‘rocking’ release. They show that good things really do come in small packages!

Both these bullets are available at Lovehoney for £14.99

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Tantus Vibrating Vamp Grab Bag

After eagerly awaiting my deluxe bumper box of Tantus goodies (see “A tantalising New Year…with Tantus!”), I fished out the sealed Grab bag. The bag is transparent, displaying the Tantus Vibrating Vamp. On Tantus’s website, the pictures display ‘Black/Purple/Blue,’ ‘Purple/Blue,’ ‘Blue/Silver’ and ‘Black/Silver’ pearlescent colour combinations. These all look amazing!

Vibrating Vamp.jpg

I was somewhat surprised to see my Vamp was in fact plain black, though I am pleased with this. I now have my first ‘Big Black Cock’, and it has fairly substantial girth; my thumb and index finger just meet around the crown of the Vamp’s bulbous head (with pronounced coronal ridge), and the read-out on my tape measure is 5 1/4 inches! This dildo is suction cup-compatible, harness-compatible and anal safe.


Buzzing Bullet included

The Tantus Vibrating Vamp has a silver bullet vibrator included, that snugly fits in the hole at the base. The Tantus logo is etched in the rounded base of the Vamp, as well as on the side of the bullet vibe. The silver bullet takes a size N 1.5V Alkaline battery, which fits quite tightly. It needs a good shake to release the battery if you want to remove it to replace, or for long-term storage. The length of the bullet is 3 inches, and the finish is smooth despite a slight imperfection in the side, though this is purely cosmetic.


To turn the bullet on, simply press the purple button in its base. Remember to remove the paper disc that sits in the battery compartment for shipping, to prevent it accidentally switching on! There are three vibration settings; a slower low-intensity continuous vibration, a faster high-intensity continuous vibration and an intermittent pulsing pattern. This is ample variation for a bullet such as this, and to be honest I bought the Vamp for the silicone dildo, so the bullet is a bonus!

Voluptuous Vamp

I initially tried the Tantus Vibrating Vamp whilst kneeling in the bath. I added some water-based lubricant to the head, though not enough to compensate for the drag of the silicone. Be warned, lint will stick to this meaty shaft. After use it’s best to air-dry following washing, and then store in a plastic case. For now, I’ll keep mine in its ‘Grab bag.’ As I said, the drag of the silicone and the fairly substantial girth of this dong means if you have a reasonably ‘tight’ vagina (or butt)  you may need copious amounts of water-based lubricant.

Whilst ‘sitting’ on the Vamp in the first few minutes of play, I had the bullet inserted in the hole in the base. I then decided to remove the bullet and use it on my clitoris. This was because despite it having a reasonable amount of power, the thickness of the Vamp somewhat dulls the sensation. Moreover I tend to need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm.

The Vamp is certainly a filling toy, and its thick bulbous head with pronounced coronal ridge are noticeable on entry.  I will most definitely be trying him with the suction cup I purchased from Tantus.  I also find my middle finger fits in the hole in the base rather well, which aids with thrusting.

Tantus’s Vibrating Vamp is a firm silicone toy, firmer than the Charmer and the Flurry. As I generally prefer softer silicone, the Vamp tends to be a dildo I go to when I want a less yielding toy. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Get your Vibrating Vamp from Tantus for $39.99.

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