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Saved by a Silver Bullet; Part 1

I started writing a thriller/fantasy story recently, which I’ve decided to put into several parts as it’s getting kind of long for one post. It’s a bit of a slow burner, so please bear with it. I promise to make it worth the wait! The story is still being written, so as soon as I can get it up here I will. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section too. That helps keep the momentum going. 😉 <3

The moon shone brightly in the clear sky. The only sound Meredith heard was the crunching of her footsteps on the rough ground below. She was staying by the lake in her family’s cabin. They had owned the holiday home for two decades and the lakeside retreat sat amid hectares of pine forest. Fresh pine-scented air filled her nostrils when she breathed in the early spring evening as she strolled.

In the corner of her eye, she thought she saw a blurred object race into the forest. Pausing, she turned to shine her flashlight towards the movement. Nothing was there. Hairs on the back of her neck stood erect. An unsettled feeling in her gut made her aware that something or someone was out there. Watching her as she walked…

“Your mind is playing tricks on you, silly” Meredith scolded herself. She knew she watched far too many paranormal shows and films. Anything with Vampires, Aliens, Werewolves or other fantasy characters. Walking more briskly now, Meredith wanted to get back to the cabin swiftly so she could call her best friend, Callum.

Meredith’s hopes Callum would join her during the week-long spring break by the lake had been morosely dashed. He’d had a call from his work at the local mortuary, concerning a grisly murder case. As a coroner’s assistant, Cal’s post-mortems were usually benign. But recently there were several malignant cases in which each victim had been mauled by another human. In each of the three scenarios, the victims were young females. Their carotid artery was severed, though the motive was yet unknown.

None of the young women knew each other, and they’d been found in locations out of town. Jane was left at a scenic viewing point obscured from the road. Debbie had been found in the disused parking lot of a dilapidated church, whilst Cara was discovered in a nature reserve. There was always sexual activity, but no sign of a struggle, suggesting the liaisons were consensual. That was all the local police had to go on for now…

Reaching the pathway to the cabin, Meredith thought she heard a sound in the thick forest behind it. Dismissing it for a distant call from a wild animal, Meredith shrugged to herself, as she unlocked the door, pushing it open. “Maybe it’s a pack of werewolves” her subconscious thriller aficionado pondered. The cabin interior was warmly welcoming. Tossing her shoes to the side and spreading out on the couch by the window, Meredith slid her phone from her back pocket, then selected Callum’s number from her recent call list.

He’d be finished work, so she figured she’d call him to see how he was doing. Pressing dial, she keenly anticipated the sound of his voice. His phone rang five times before it cut to the voicemail system. He must still be busy, Meredith mused, so she took the TV remote and pointed it at the old cathode ray set on the stand opposite her. The cabin was starting to show its age.

Scrolling through the guide she saw nothing was on, as usual. She decided to go onto Netflix, the one luxury she’d insisted her parents add to the cabin. There was a series she’d become hooked on- a science-fiction thriller about time travel, albeit grittier than the likes of Doctor Who. During the show, Meredith’s phone vibrated, and she saw Callum’s face pop up on her screen. He wanted to FaceTime, so she paused the program to answer.

“Hey, Cal!” Meredith greeted him warmly, before asking “What’re you up to?”

“I just got back from the gym after my shift, Mere. I’m sorry I missed your call earlier.”

Meredith smiled, reassuring him that she had been keeping herself entertained.

“That’s just so you, Mere, watching your Netflix shows like you’ve been cut off from all civilisation!”

“You know Cal, it is remote here. Only earlier this evening I creeped myself out thinking I’d seen a wild thing bolting into the forest.” Meredith chuckled to herself, saying, “I certainly have an overactive imagination!”

“Do you want to use that imagination of yours now then?” Cal inquired huskily. They were friends with benefits, as well as knowing each other from a local book club.

“What do you have in mind?” Meredith queried him, with her eyebrows raised.

Cal told her to go and look in the case she’d packed for her trip to the lake.

“I emptied the case when I arrived,” Meredith told him.

“Did you go through all the pockets?” Cal asked.

Meredith realised she’d not checked the internal pocket, so she reached into it eagerly. Her hand brushed a metallic object, and she pulled out the silver bullet vibrator that Cal had snuck in there.

“It has batteries in it,” he told her with enthusiasm.

“Well aren’t you the stealthy one!” Meredith exclaimed.

“Want to try it out?” Cal breathed to her suggestively.

“Sure,” Meredith giggled, as she pulled her skinny jeans and lace pants down, wriggling her hips.

“Put it on your cute clit for me, Mere. C’mon, switch it on already…” Cal groaned while she shimmied out of her clothes.

“Alright eager beaver, getting to it now Cal!” Meredith quipped back, sticking her tongue out so he could see her ribbing him.

Placing the silver bullet’s tip on her engorged pink bud, Meredith pressed the power button, making it whirr into life.  Despite its small size, the bullet felt powerful. The vibrations were strong over her clitoris and vulva as she caressed them with it. 

Cal talked to her the whole time, telling her what he’d like to do were he with her now.

“I’d be slipping my fingers into your wet pussy to stroke your hot spots, making you moan with pleasure. Then I’d lick your juices off my fingers, before sinking my hard cock into your tight hole.”

Meredith groaned as he said these words to her. She placed her free hand around her left breast, pulling on her nipple whilst stimulating her clit. Soon enough, she hurtled to orgasm; her thighs tensed going into spasm while her hips bucked up.

“Yeah Mere, just like that,” Cal groaned as he stroked himself to a climax following Meredith’s.

They talked awhile before Meredith decided she was hungry. “Miss you Cal,” she told him, and he replied, “I’ll see you soon, Mere. Just watch out for Vampires and Werewolves in that forest!”

Chuckling between themselves, they ended their call, with Meredith agreeing to phone him the following evening…

Did you like Part 1? Part 2 can be found here. 🙂

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Enjoy my writing? Why not check out a story I self-published on Amazon, called Explicit Theatrics under the pen name Zoe Adams (I chose that as it has the initials Z.A., like a backwards A-Z, and it rolled off my tongue when I said it aloud to myself. 😉

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  1. I sure look forward to part 2. Like the suspense you are building while keeping the sexy in there 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Liked your story as usual! Definitely will proceed with the second part

  3. Oh, let’s see what happens next evening 🙂

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