Sinful Sunday Week 322

June 11th 2017

I tried on these lacy crotchless panties with a corset to indulge myself on an occasion during the week. My toys and attire were colour-coordinated, and I love the pink/black combo. There’s something about it which reminds me of the movie Grease, which I first watched in the early ’90s as a pre-teen. It looked like a fab era to be alive, with so much post-WWII enthusiasm and the economy booming. Plus I had none of the worries of being a ‘responsible adult’ back then!

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16 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday Week 322”

  1. You have definitely got my attention. Lingerie is a major weakness and reduces me to a masturbating mess. You wear it well and would definitely fit in with the Pink Ladies, in fact I think you could teach Frenchy and Rizzo a thing or two.

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