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Disneyland Days

Disneyland Paris main Park Entrance

This summer Mr. Bunny and I decided to go ‘all out’ after not travelling anywhere abroad since before Little Bunny was born. She’s at that magical age where she loves dressing up and meeting new people, so what better than packing some adorable dresses and visiting a land of fun? …

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Euro 2021 gets the crop

Luv Bunny dressed as a Naughty Nurse with a butterfly crop and Euro 2020 backpack.

I’ll confess, I’m not a football fan, but for this week’s #SinfulSunday shot, I’m making a tongue-in-cheek joke that all the teams who have lost out of the group stages of Euro 2021 will be going home to their Mistresses/ Naughty nurses. Round 16 matches start on Saturday night, so …

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Diaries of a Geisha

Luv Bunny wearing a blue silk dragon print Kimono with a spread out fan

I enjoyed the film Memoirs of a Geisha. I don’t think I got to the end of the book, as I became side-tracked. For this #FebruaryPhotoFest, I thought I’d treat you to a shot of me in my kimono with a cleverly placed fan to protect my identity 😉 See …

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Call the Love Doctor

Luv Bunny wearing a Naughty nurse role-play costume

I previously wrote a post on Medical play as a fetish, and seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day I thought I’d revisit some old images and display some that may not have been shown at the time. As a way of spicing things up, sometimes it’s fun to enjoy a bit …

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Bunny behind the Mask

Black and gold masquerade mask

On Saturday evenings, I’ve been watching the Masked Singer. I decided to don my mask and bunny ears for Day 9 of February PhotoFest2020 . I wore the mask to an event I went to 2 years ago now. It’s purpose was to protect my identity, as well as to …

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Bad Ass Domme

Black Thigh high boots worn by Mistress

The story that follows is kind of a fantasy of mine (ooh-err). I’d love to play Mistress to a male sub. It was co-written (*largely written via Whatsapp) with the help of Dougie, my ever-helpful editor. 🙂 Making him serve Her “Kneel sub, and shine my boots.” Her authoritative voice …

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Maid service when you need a fluffy pillow…

Beauty Night Pamela French maid dress, worn by Luv Bunny

Beauty Night ‘Pamela’ French Maid dress My day job uniform is extremely functional, and boring. I won’t be wearing it for much longer…But I like to think of myself as a naughty French Maid for Mr Bunny. I knew I needed to get myself an outfit for this role-play fantasy …

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